Yext: 7 Tips for Effective Customer Service on Mobile Apps

Consumers now have more opportunities to speak openly about their business experiences. It’s a double-edged sword: with social media posting, positive customer interactions can lead to a large influx of new customers, but bad experiences can lead to significant levels of customer turnover in a single day. Customers can easily take their opinion of your small business to scale in moments, which is why it’s more crucial than ever to make sure you’re always giving it your all.

This involves implementing the best customer service software to support your employees and your website so that customers only have good things to say about you online.

Let’s dive into some tips for effective mobile app customer service in the sections below.

7 tips for effective customer service on mobile apps

With so many competing apps available and how often people have started shopping online, it’s important to have customer service that caters to mobile users. With great customer service, you are able to get better reviews and better nurture relationships with existing customers.

In-app messaging

Allowing customers to message your support team in your app can save them time and simplify the process. Instead of having to leave the app and go to your webpage or make a real-time phone call, they can send simple customer queries to any of your employees regarding their concerns, all within your app. .

However, it is also important not to neglect your other communication channels. While younger generations may prefer to message your business within your app from their iPhone, Mac or whatever next Galaxy device, older users or users with complex issues that cannot be succinctly described may still prefer to make a phone call and talk to a real human being about their issues.

Digital solutions, self-service and call centers are the top three ways to contact a business.

Your customer serviceThe app should cover all three so your customers have multiple ways to contact your business with questions or issues. Customers like having options and they will appreciate the ability to communicate in the way they prefer.

Customers will need to speak to your business about any concerns or issues they encounter while using your products or services. Having the ability to solve these problems is crucial. You don’t want them to start fuming online and tarnishing your brand reputation.

FAQs and tutorials

By including a site or app search bar, customers will never waste time scrolling through dozens of pages to discover what they are looking for. Adding criteria to searches, in addition to having a search box, allows customers to pinpoint their results to items and sites relevant to their search.

These days, many customers, especially millennials, prefer using self-service tools rather than talking to a customer service representative. You can minimize the need for users to email or call your help desk by providing FAQs, tutorial videos, and clear guidance for common difficulties on your website.

It’s cheaper for your business and more convenient for your customers. Having lots of blog posts that cover specific topics and answer frequently asked questions is a great approach to building a knowledge base that customers and workers can use to learn more about your company’s products and services.

Prioritize and organize tickets

Go for apps that have automated assignmentand prioritize tools so agents know quickly when a priority consumer is online and waiting for a response. Additionally, by automating assignments, each customer request will be routed to the agent with the most open space or the most understanding on the subject.

Having a dedicated interface for customers to open a ticket and then check the status of that ticket is a great way to keep them informed of your agents’ progress on their issue and when they can expect it. to an answer. In addition to keeping them informed of the situation, it can also help to know how long they have been waiting for a response.

Of course, you should always prioritize customers waiting for a response and try to respond to customers as quickly as possible. Fast problem solving will always be appreciated by your customers. Every minute they spend waiting for a response in live chat or waiting for a rep is another step towards customer churn and should be avoided at all costs.

Automate responses

This can be handy for common issues like losing service for scheduled maintenance or notifying customers of an upcoming change. With automated responses, you can alert a large number of customers at the same time. These types of responses can also allow your customer service platform to automatically track customers after they file a support ticket.

It can contain a short survey asking how their experience with customer service was or allow them to note that the response they received did not resolve their issue and that their ticket should remain open until they receive other instructions. You can also use this type of service to contact users with older tickets to see if they still need help with their issues.

out of the book

When customers call, they do so because they specifically want to speak to a human being. If they thought their problem could be solved with automated responses or via a support ticket, they could have used your chatbot or checked out the FAQ themselves. If you have a long and complicated voice menu that customers have to navigate to speak to a representative, they will quickly become frustrated.

This frustration can easily be compounded by a long wait time as customer service representatives try to make room for the caller. One of the main reasons customers give up is because they can’t get in touch with your customer service reps, they’re stuck in the navigation menu, or they’re having trouble creating a request. assistance.

Ask your reps to be empathetic. While it’s best to write a script to follow when interacting with customers, you’ll want it to be flexible to allow for unique customer situations.

Make Undoing Quick and Painless

It’s hard to think about, but customers will want or need to cancel their subscription to your service or will no longer want to continue doing business with you. If they had a bad experience with your business, dealing with a difficult cancellation process can swing them from dissatisfied to leaving you bad reviews online.

They may also have had a neutral or good experience with your brand and simply no longer need the service. If you have a complicated cancellation process, one that requires calling your help desk, or one that is somewhat misleading to customers and may result in them being charged after use stops, this can easily become an extremely negative experience.

Gather information

Monitor your statistics to see how your users interact with your platform, Apple device or iPad to get a better idea of ​​their overall satisfaction. Keep track of critical performance metrics, including how long it takes to resolve issues, how long it takes consumers to get their request answered, and the average time they wait at your service center. contact for a free customer service agent.

It could also help you identify areas where your business could grow. If customers are often disappointed with the responses of chatbots, it could mean that the bots aren’t offering as many services as they should or that the information they provide doesn’t match the customer’s demand.

It’s also best to use an app to monitor your customer reviews so you know which features of your mobile app are working and which need a bit of work. Yext Reviewsallows you to track and respond to consumer reviews and opinions and invite customers to submit additional reviews about your products or services.

In summary

By following these seven tips, your business can improve its customer experience for mobile app users. When your brand is known for excellent customer service, you’re more likely to retain existing customers and impress new ones. When customers feel you provide the best customer support, it can also alleviate frustration with dealing with issues.


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