Woman catches mobile store worker scrolling through intimate photos


Nowadays, a cell phone is like a diary. It is the most private thing a person has and is probably why they are protected by so many passwords.

So, naturally, when a woman found out that a stranger was browsing her private photo, she was furious.

The 28-year-old woman named Loise Johnson caught a cellphone repair shop worker violating her privacy and scrolling through hundreds of her very personal photos.

After dropping her handset on the floor last week, she had her iPhone 11 repaired. Needing to replace her screen and battery, she agreed to pay £ 85 for the phone to be repaired at The Mobile Doctor in Worcester on Saturday. .


But when she picked it up, she caught a male worker going through all the intimate selfies of her in her underwear and bikinis she had taken for her boyfriend.

Louise said she grabbed the phone, but claims the man picked it up, scratching his hand in the process. She called the police who were present and confirmed that CCTV showed the man looking at the footage for 15 minutes. However, there was nothing they could do about it due to a technicality in the law as the man had not uploaded or shared the images.

The worker involved has since been fired from the mobile store. The manager also apologized to her and promised that the same incident would never happen again.

woman standing in front of mobile store

Louise explained, “As soon as I walked in I saw him lock my phone and put it to the side, but I saw my wallpaper so I knew it was mine.” I asked if my phone was ready, and he told me it would take another hour because someone had to come and finish fixing the frame.

“But I knew it was on my phone, so I asked him to retrieve it, swiped to see my most recent tabs and saw that he was going through all of my photos from years ago. years.


“I could see he was looking at them. I felt disgusted and I was in total shock, I couldn’t believe what was going on. I tore the phone off the counter but he grabbed my arm and m. ‘clawed very hard. I felt completely violated. It’s scary and perverse to go through someone else’s most private photos without their permission. “

It was really, really scary.

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