Updated Google TV mobile app with Material You changes and a new “Highlights” tab

The Google Home app was solely the tool for setting up and remotely controlling Chromecast players, which included a tab for discovering new shows and movies that could be played on a Chromecast. When that app slowly morphed into Google Home, the content recommendations page eventually disappeared, but Google is now bringing it back to another location: the Google TV mobile app. The app also receives a few other design changes.

Google announced in a blog post on Thursday that “the new Highlights tab on Google TV offers a personalized feed of entertainment news, reviews, and more based on the movies and shows you care about. Check out articles about entertainment you love, or follow the next big thing, all in one place.

Google TV Highlights tab

Source: Google

The new tab resembles the Google Feed already available in the Google and Chrome apps, but only includes articles and entertainment content. Along with the new tab, Google is also updating the Google TV app to more closely follow the Material You design language. The tab bar looks bigger, with the same rounded buttons as the Google Play Store.

Google’s low-res GIF doesn’t show the entire app, but the rest of the app looks pretty much unchanged. Google TV received an overhaul in July, so it doesn’t really need another overhaul any time soon. The update also appears to move or rename the other tabs: “Home” is now “For You”, and a new screen called “Your Stuff” appears to replace the current “Watchlist” tab.

The new feature reflects recent changes to the Google TV software experience on TVs, which places more emphasis on content recommendation than the older Android TV software. Not all of these changes have been well received, such as the auto-playing video ads that began appearing in June.

Source: google

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