Unique mobile software to spy on phone in 2020


The spy phone application has become an essential software to ensure your safety. Spy phone apps are useful to protect against immoral, dangerous and illegal apps. The spy phone is the latest monitoring software.

The best mobile software to spy on phones in 2020 is expected to have functions to record phone calls, SMS and much more. It can also track the GPS position, all the activity of your browser and other software like Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, etc.

Do you want to secure your mobile applications? Check out the Clickfree review to find out if the app is right for you or not.

Part. 1 ClickFree spy app: an introduction

ClickFree is the spy phone app that monitors your web browser securely. A reliable and efficient application allows you to access the updates of the watch. The app is complete and includes auto backup media, ElephantDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

The spy app is convenient to use rather than complicated processes. ClickFree is the most useful and trusted name in the market.

Part 2: The Features of ClickFree Spy Application

The characteristics or functions of any application should be diverse. They should aim to provide convenience to the customer at all costs. The features below highlight the capability and efficiency of the ClickFree application.

ClickFree is a great spy app that can track GPS location in real time. The app lets you find anyone’s current location in real time. You can view the position history even after a few weeks. Access to details like addresses and 3D street view becomes easy.

ClickFree Review: Unique Mobile Software to Spy on Phone in 2020
  • Read messages and monitor call activity

The app allows you to read text messages without touching the target phone. You can also view iMessages if the device is an iPhone. Moreover, the spy app offers the way to retrieve deleted messages through archive function.

ClickFree Review: Unique Mobile Software to Spy on Phone in 2020

You can also view recent incoming and outgoing calls on the target device with information such as duration, time of the call and frequencies.

  • The integrated photo viewer

The ClickFree mobile app includes a photo viewer that allows you to view saved photos from your phone.

Files can include photos, music, videos, documents, bookmarks, contacts, calendars, and other applications. After securing a backup of an application, ClickFree Backup ensures that you can restore them in a flash.

ClickFree Review: Unique Mobile Software to Spy on Phone in 2020
  • Social media history tracking

There is so much social media available that it is difficult for parents to manually check the history of each one. This is where ClickFree comes in, as the app is capable of tracking all notable apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram.

ClickFree will allow you to access the private conversations that take place on the applications. In addition, you will be able to view and download the exchanged media files, such as photos and videos.

  • Spy on internet activity

Monitoring browsing history is an essential feature of any spy app, and ClickFree is not behind any other platform. The app offers great functionality to check someone’s browsing habits remotely.

The application will display the names of visited sites, their visit frequencies, bookmarks and even brief descriptions of unknown websites.

Part 3: How to Install ClickFree App on Android Phone

It is essential to know that the Android app remains hidden on the target phone as soon as you install it and add your platform login credentials.

Step 1: You need to go to the official ClickFree portal and create an account.

ClickFree Review: Unique Mobile Software to Spy on Phone in 2020

2nd step: You need to install the ClickFree app on your target device. The feature will provide you with instructions that you must follow to complete all rights and reservations.

Step 3: Now you can start tracking. Go to login, enter your information and go to the control panel.

On the left, you’ll see plenty of options that you can select as per your choice for what you want to track, including app tracking and social media messages or GPS location, and much more.

ClickFree Review: Unique Mobile Software to Spy on Phone in 2020

Part 4: How to install ClickFree on iOS

You wouldn’t need to add the app on the target iPhone at all. All you need are the user’s iCloud account login details. Once you access it, you will be able to monitor the activities happening on the iPhone.

Step 1: First, create a ClickFree account and enter your username, email id, and password.

2nd step: Second, select the ClickFree subscription plan that suits you well after choosing the Apple icon.

Step 3: After that, you will receive an email with defined instructions. Follow the setup instructions. Then verify the iCloud personal information of the targeted person. ClickFree servers will take a few minutes to synchronize with the device in question.

ClickFree Review: Unique Mobile Software to Spy on Phone in 2020

Step 4: Finally, ClickFree will start to run. If you want to see the dashboard, you can connect remotely. You will find all the features of ClickFree including the keylogger on the left hand.

Part 5: Why is ClickFree professional?

The automatic system sends you a notification when the device is operating, entering and exiting a particular area. Millions of people around the world use the ClickFree app, and the most recognized publications around the world recognize the benefits of the app.

Here are some more points that prove that ClickFree is a professional application:

  • It offers multi-device backup

The app allows you to use an SD card to back up multiple devices at once. You can freely use multiple accounts, including dropbox, SkyDrive box, google drive, SugarSync, and Microsoft Skydive.

  • No root or jailbreak needed

The app shows the design of how it doesn’t need rooting or jailbreaking to install ClickFree. You can easily use it on any device. There are a small number of spy apps that offer tracking features.

The ClickFree application is easy to install because it does not include any strict rules or procedures and it is quick to install and use. The functions are relatively convenient to use. The automatic system automatically saves specific data or files.

You need to design the schedule once and then save the processes accordingly. When you get a connection with the particular removable drive, the backup will start automatically.

  • Secretly track the phone

ClickFree incorporates a unique feature that allows it to remain hidden on target Android and iOS after installation. Stealth mode ensures you stay hidden while monitoring any device (Android and iOS).

Moreover, the ClickFree app has an efficient system to monitor social media apps including Instagram, Snapchat, etc. The app displays call history and all contacts. You can install the app on any Android and iOS phone.


The ClickFree application has great features built in. The backup system is very vital which restores your data. It’s hard to get all the features in one place. However, ClickFree offers a great collaboration with the top two mobile phone platforms, making it a great app to buy.

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