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On August 24, 2021, the Tallahassee Police Department released the Tallahassee Bystander app, designed to record interactions with police and increase community engagement. The new mobile app was approved for development by the city commission in June 2020.

In recent years, due to increased attention to altercations with law enforcement, several apps and services have been released to allow citizens to record encounters with law enforcement.

For example, the Mobile Justice app created for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) allows the user to record encounters and automatically email it to the ACLU, where the file is saved to a external hard drive.

Additionally, an app named PulledOver will record an encounter and notify an emergency contact of the user’s location. In addition, he sends the video to the Pulled Over community to “raise awareness”.

Apple and Android have also integrated the feature into their phone’s settings which can be activated by its user.

The application of TPD began to grow in the summer of 2020, amid nationwide riots following the death of George Floyd. The city pledged $ 50,000 and worked with Quadrant 2 Inc., a software development company, as well as More Than A Name, a social justice group to create the app.

Chief Lawrence Revell said, “This app is a direct result of the collaboration between the community and law enforcement. Building relationships in the community means improving trust and transparency through tools like this app. The transition of this app from community demand to fulfillment also highlights our efforts to have meaningful conversations that produce tangible results.

Tallahassee Mayor John Dailey said, “I am proud that Tallahassee is the first city in the country to develop an app like this to increase transparency and build trust in the community.

App features include voice activation technology, live recorded uncensored videos, no app recording – video submissions are anonymous, TPD can use push notifications to get more information and to ensure transparency, the videos are distributed to several parties chosen by the user.

The app is available for download through Google Play and the Apple Store.

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