Tesla Expands Mobile Service Fleet to China Using QR Code Appointment Setup

Tesla is launching a mobile services division in China and using an easy-to-use QR code initiation to schedule appointments.

Passionate Tesla Owner @Ray4Tesla on Twitter initially reported the developments, posting a photo the electric carmaker shared detailing the availability of the mobile service fleet in Shanghai.

A roughly translated version of the ad reads:

“Tesla Shanghai

Door to door service

Repairable without going out

Scan the QR Code to make an appointment now!”

QR codes allow smartphone users to simply scan the code with their camera. This action then prompts the user with a message which will then open a link or app, allowing the vehicle owner to book an appointment without having to call anyone. It’s an easy, fast and efficient way to set up a mobile service appointment and could prove to be the fastest way to receive car service.

But expanding Tesla’s mobile service fleet is something the automaker has been working on for several years. During the fourth quarter 2019 earnings call in January 2020, Tesla announced that a key focus for 2019 was to expand its fleet of mobile service vehicles. He achieved this feat by doubling the number of cars he had available to perform tasks at a client.

The company said:

“Our mobile service fleet nearly doubled in 2019 to 743 vehicles, and we continue to open new service locations around the world. As customers increasingly purchase their Tesla vehicles online, vehicle deliveries increased by 50% while our retail footprint remained unchanged with a stable total number of stores in 2019.”

Clearly, the appearance of Mobile Servicing in China is a reaction to the overwhelming demand that Tesla has experienced in the country. Year-to-date, Tesla has managed to sell more than 82,000 units of the Model 3 alone, with the Model S and Model X still appearing in the country. Both of these vehicles are not produced in China, as they are shipped into the country from Tesla’s Fremont factory in Northern California.

Mobile service reduces trips to a service center for owners and reduces congestion at Tesla service centers. Mobile Service can perform simple repairs like a removable part, 12 volt battery replacement or tire rotation. Longer and more complex issues can be handled at one of Tesla’s Service Centers. The introduction of mobile service fleet in China is a move that will surely increase customer satisfaction, which will hopefully lead to even higher sales and delivery figures in the country.

Tesla Expands Mobile Service Fleet to China Using QR Code Appointment Setup

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