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Everyone has at least one smart device these days, and it can be easy to forget how much they cost. After all, we walk around every day with thousand-dollar devices in our pockets. We’ve gotten used to being pretty careless with them, and every potential pickpocket knows that.

For this reason, when you get a new phone through a service provider and they offer insurance, it can be tempting. They give you a chance to be prepared without having to think about it. The point is, you should definitely have insurance that covers your mobile in case of theft.

However, this does not mean that you should opt for the insurance offered by your mobile service provider. Here are the main reasons why you should refuse this insurance.

You may already have mobile insurance

Mobile service providers offer you insurance on your tablet without checking if you already have insurance. This leads many people to insure their devices twice. They get away with it because a lot of people don’t know their devices are insured.

The fact is that every homeowner has home insurance and every tenant should have tenant insurance. Included in both types of policies is pretty much everything you own. Your belongings are covered whether they are in your home or out in public with you.

In some cases, you need to get additional coverage for valuable electronics, expensive jewelry, etc. When you purchased your insurance policy, you may have included these extras and haven’t thought of them since.

But even if your tenant or home insurance doesn’t include your electronics, you should still avoid the insurance offered by mobile SPs.

They are not insurers

Your mobile carrier will try to sell you insurance on your tablet, but they are not an insurer themselves. They offer you this product by having their policies underwritten by reputable insurers. In the end, their name is on the insurance, but they don’t process it.

It’s not necessarily a problem, but it can be. They often offer products that are inferior to the regular products provided by the same insurers that underwrite them. Also, since they act as an intermediary, they put another step between you and handling a claim.

In other words, when you purchase insurance from your mobile operator, you the best get the same service you would get from your usual insurer. The best option is to simply add your device to your current insurance policy.

It’s more expensive

Insurance offered by your mobile service provider may also be more expensive. It’s not necessarily because your service provider is trying to scam you. However, adding coverage to your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance policy will almost always be cheaper than purchasing a product specifically to cover that device.

If you say no to the insurance offered by the SP when you receive your device, you can take the time at home to compare your options. In the end, the offer given to you will not be in your top 3 and you better choose a solution for yourself.

That said, it’s imperative that you do your due diligence to find out if you already have coverage, and to get coverage if you don’t.

What about warranties?

It is important to note that mobile device insurance is different from a warranty. A warranty is a contract that the phone manufacturer provides to repair your device if it stops working within a certain period of time. These are usually faults that are not caused when you drop your device or damage it in any other way.

Insurance policies don’t cover these defects, but most brands offer warranties whether you ask for them or not. You will need to consider if you wish to extend your warranty beyond the standard period at an additional cost.

It is important that you have insurance on your tablet. However, this does not mean that you should purchase insurance from the service provider. Instead, check to see if you’re already covered by your home or renter’s insurance, and add your appliances to your policy if you’re not.

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