SaskTel announces the launch of a new mobile service called Lüm Mobile

Lüm Mobile, a new digital mobile service created by Saskatchewan operator SaskTel, aims to change the world of mobile plans by supporting “self-serve” wireless service.

There are no purchase plans and customers won’t have to pay monthly bills. Instead, customers will purchase subscriptions to access “data at great rates” with no expiration date. Customers will only pay for the data, calls and texts they use. More data can be purchased at any time, as Lüm Mobile focuses on a self-service model.

Membership is available in two levels of automatic payment. The first lasts three months and costs $ 50. The second lasts a year and costs $ 180. The data is purchased separately and is used for making calls and texting. 2 GB costs $ 15, 6 GB $ 30, 14 GB $ 55, and $ 25 GB $ 80. 1MB of data will allow you to send 10 SMS to Canada, the United States and Mexico. Alternatively, the same amount of data will get a minute’s talk time.

Unlimited conversation and text options are available as an add-on. The three-month option costs $ 25 and the one-year option costs $ 75.

“We have recognized that customers are increasingly turning to self-serve online services,” said Doug Burnett, President and CEO of SaskTel, in a statement. “Lüm Mobile will be a great option for customers looking for a more digital approach, allowing them to customize and manage themselves what works according to their individual preferences. “

Customers wishing to access the service will need to bring their own mobile phone to register.

Image credit: SaskTel

Source: SaskTel

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