Rivian Introduces Fleet of Electric Mobile Service Vans and R1T Pickup Trucks

US automaker Rivian is rolling out a new fleet of all-electric mobile service vehicles to support the growing number of R1T pickup trucks and R1S SUVs on US roads. In addition to the images we’ve captured below, you’ll see a video posted by CEO RJ Scaringe, showing Rivian Vans and R1T outfitted with a range of mobile service gear.

Rivian ($RIVN) is a young electric vehicle automaker that is still looking to gain a foothold in an ever-growing electric vehicle market. After a massive IPO last fall, the company released its first two flagship models – the R1T pickup and the R1S SUV, which recently began deliveries to customers.

Long before the R1T began production last year, we reported that Rivian had decided to go with a mobile service fleet to support its EV customers based on app-based scheduling. Similar to its American rival Tesla, Rivian’s electric service vehicles can come to you wherever you are.

At the time, Rivian said those support vehicles would be its all-electric vans, backed by more than 40 planned service centers across the United States and Canada. Last summer, we shared plans for one of these service centers in Costa Mesa, Calif., where Rivian is showcasing its new fleet of electric service vehicles today, and it includes more than vans.

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RJ Scaringe shares his take on Rivian’s new electrical services fleet

In addition to the images captured by Electrekof Seth Weintraub seen above, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe posted a new video mobile support electric vehicles being assembled at the company’s facilities in Costa Mesa, California.

Based on the video, we learned that the previously announced Vans will be joined by custom R1T pickup trucks equipped with gear to support Rivian customers in the wild…or in their driveways if that’s easier on their schedule.

In the video, a Rivian employee named Phil walks Scaringe through the custom Rivian Van, explaining some of the design that was designed to support fleet drivers and the services they will provide to the growing number of Rivian owners.

This includes everything from wheel and tire replacement equipment, a crane for lifting heavy objects, and all the tools in between. R1T pickups are equipped with sliding drawers in the transmission tunnel, a jack and plenty of storage in the truck bed.

You can check out the full presentation video below:

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