Ready-to-use e-commerce mobile application product named GoCommerce, launched by Confianz Global headquartered in Charlotte NC

Out-of-the-box eCommerce mobile app for iOS and Android - GoCommerce

Out-of-the-box eCommerce mobile app for iOS and Android – GoCommerce

Confianz Global Inc has launched its ready-to-use e-commerce mobile app product named GoCommerce which will help e-commerce businesses grow 10X -

This is a major step for us. This product will bridge the gap between small and medium e-commerce businesses and big market players. »

— Anoop Menon

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, February 4, 2022 / — Confianz Global, Inc. North Carolina, announced the launch of its new ready-to-use e-commerce mobile application product named GoCommerce with advanced features. You can find out more about the e-commerce mobile app here.

Confianz Global Inc. has been named one of the top 3 mobile app development companies in North Carolina by Clutch. Confianz has been providing software solutions and services to its global customers since 2008.

Speaking about GoCommerce, Anoop Menon, CEO of the company, said, “This is an important milestone for us. This product will bridge the gap between small and medium e-commerce businesses and big market players. An e-commerce business is an internet business and you need to invest heavily in technology. Providing a mobile app (iOS and Android) to your customers for a seamless brand experience is a must. But creating and maintaining such an application from scratch and integrating it with your current ERP or e-commerce system is expensive. The big boys have invested millions of dollars in mobility plans for their e-commerce business. This is where the idea of ​​GoCommerce was born. As a mobile app development agency, we wanted to create a whitelisted mobile app on an affordable subscription model that will connect to your existing ERP or E-commerce software.

GoCommerce has bigger plans for the future, including supporting crypto payments for retailers. Currently the application provides the following services for an active subscription.

Connects to the existing ERP or E-Commerce platform, pulls the products from there and sends the order back to the application for processing.

Push notifications for new offers, discount sales or new products.
Free update when a new version of iOS or Android is released in the market.
100% white glove service and your business grows with us.

Typically, e-commerce businesses sell through multiple channels. Many large retailers won’t even share the email addresses of end customers that the company can contact to learn more about changing customer preferences. Not to mention the transaction percentage that major retailers are willing to increase every day. Providing a dedicated mobile app with your own branding and having an engaged audience is a given these days.

Mr. Menon added: “Another problem this app is trying to solve is the convoluted sales process on social media. Just because you have 1 million followers on your Facebook page doesn’t mean FB will show your new post to everyone. But by using Apple and Android’s smart push messaging system, every loyal customer who has installed the app will receive your message, whether it’s a promotion or an article informing your customer. If your marketing team is smart, you can test your products before launching them and have active communication with your customers. That’s what Netflix and Amazon Prime do when deciding if they want to add a new season for a sitcom. Having this kind of power for small and medium businesses is just amazing.

Want to see a demo of the app? iPhone users can download the app from App Store for iPhone and Android users go here.

About Confianz Global Inc.

Confianz Global Inc. provides fully integrated software services to meet the unique needs of individual startups, small and medium businesses. They have grown exponentially alongside the rapidly changing IT industry over the past 13 years. As a global company with an established presence in the United States and India, Confianz Global Inc. provides quality software services to clients in nearly 50 countries around the world.

The company’s solutions cover several areas, including ERP systems, Odoo applications, custom web application development, development of custom mobile applications for Android/iOS platforms, custom blockchain application development and artificial intelligence. They create end-to-end integrated solutions for a complete automation experience that drives business growth.

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