PTI MP Aslam Khan, guards beat owner of mobile phone shop in Karachi


KARACHI – In another act of abuse of power in Pakistan, PTI MP Aslam Khan in CCTV footage can be seen storming a mobile store and beating store owners and workers after heated arguments.

Images allegedly showing the ruling Aslam Khan party as well as guards assaulting shop owners in the Saddar mobile market in Karachi have gone viral.

The incident happened near Ifar’s time when the lawmaker alongside his friends and security guards entered the mobile store and after furious arguments with the merchant, the MNA guards pointed out guns on the shopkeeper while the other men beat the owner and employees.

Additionally, the people of Islam Khan can be seen dragging one of the men from the store.

The legislator then filed an official complaint against the trader of the Preedi police station. Khan alleged that the trader sold him an unregistered cell phone to his son and after returning the cell phone; the trader refused the return and mistreated his son.

On the other hand, Karachi’s mobile market leader Minhaj Gulfam said that despite their demands to close the case, Khan has filed a lawsuit against the trader. You can see in the pictures who started the quarrel, he added.

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