Protests outside Chennai mobile shop selling pens with pro-CAA message, police investigating


Chennai: On Wednesday, a mobile store on Richie Street in Chennai was attacked for selling pens with text labeled “We support the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) and the NRC (National Register of Citizens)”. More than 80 Muslims gathered outside the store and raised slogans against the newly enacted legislation.

Videos of the protest were uploaded by the state unit of the BJP and Hindu fringe groups. Members of the BJP state unit say protesters threatened the owner of Arbuda Mobile.

SG Suryah, vice president of the Tamil Nadu BJP youth wing, showed the offending object in his tweet. “While pseudo-secularists and free speech advocates chose to ignore and stay totally clear of the incident, RSS and Hindu Munnani went there, brought in the police and are held alongside the poor and threatened trader who has been warned by the extremists. Tamil / national media? ”He asked.

Members of the Hindu Munnani group said they had filed a complaint and awaited further action against the protesters.

Dinesh Kumar, owner of the store, said he had received threats since yesterday.

“I did not know that such words were printed on the pen. When the lots arrived at the store, a Muslim boy saw the pen and left. Another person came to the store, took a picture of the pen with the words and uploaded it to social media, ”Kumar said. “Since yesterday I have been receiving threats through calls from many places, but now the store is open and remains safe with police protection.

Kumar also filed an FIR with the police. Officers said they received the complaint and an investigation was underway.

(With contributions from S Annette Beryl Elizabeth)

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