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Every day new mobile games hit the App Store, and so every week we put together a long list of all the best new releases from the last seven days. Back then, the App Store featured the same games for a week, then refreshed those features every Thursday. Because of this, developers have made a habit of releasing their games throughout Wednesday or very early Thursday in order to hopefully get one of those coveted features. The App Store is constantly refreshing these days, so the need for everyone to release everything on the same day has diminished. Still, we stuck to our weekly Wednesday night format because for years that’s when people knew to check TouchArcade for a list of new games. And so without further ado, please check out the full list of this week’s new games below, and let us know in the comments section which games you’re going to pick!

Beyond the Wall ($2.99)

Description of iTunes

You ring at your friend’s door, but still, no one answers, even though the light is on? Find out what happens on a summer night Beyond the Garden Wall at the High House. Immerse yourself in a mysterious world where fantasy meets reality with a pinch of humor. Beyond the Wall is a classic point-and-click adventure with a magical atmosphere and captivating music. Solve puzzles, collect items, and overcome obstacles as you journey through ten unique Beyond the Wall levels. Developed by Rocking Toy.

Forum topic: Beyond the Wall (by Tomas Barnet)

World Cup (free)

Description of iTunes

The player embodies a character who wanted to escape his complicated life. He prepares a plan to run aground on an island that he himself has spotted on a map. Once on this island, the player must learn to survive by satisfying their needs to drink, eat, rest, and sleep. He will have to improve his comfort by exploring the island and also face certain events.

A man named Ronald will also be stranded on the beach of the island because of a boat accident, it will be necessary to come to his aid and save him from the pirates who are in pursuit. It will also be necessary to find a way to signal the presence of Ronald on the island so that he can return home.

Forum topic: World Cup (by Jean Lionel Davis)

Desta: memories between (free)

Description of iTunes

Fall into the dreamlike landscape. Relive memories, rediscover friends and mend relationships in this turn-based exploration through surreal worlds.

Discover a story of broken relationships, unsaid words, and the chance to explore your dreams for answers in this character-driven roguelite!

Forum topic: Desta: The Memories Between (by ustwo games)

Dungeon VS Gunner (Free)

Description of iTunes

Explore the random dungeon, collect all weapons and shoot them all!

Dungeons suddenly appeared all over the world, what dark force was behind it.
Explore dungeons and uncover the mystery behind.

Explore the random dungeon, collect all weapons, dodge bullets and shoot them all!
Extremely fun gameplay, mixed with rogue-like elements and easy control, super cool graphics.

Forum topic: Dungeon VS Gunner (by Core Crystal Games)

Eldrum: Red Tide (Free)

Description of iTunes

Red Tide is a dark fantasy story about a former soldier who searches for his family in a world ravaged by war. Your brother is gone without a trace. What happened to him? The answer to this question lies at the end of a long and dangerous journey. The world has changed. The place where you were born has been reduced to ashes. There, people are struggling to survive.

You are a shadow of yourself, having suffered serious wounds during the war. But the past is the past. What matters is here and now. You have the freedom to shape your own destiny. There is always a choice.

Forum topic: Eldrum: Red Tide (by Gotterdammerung)

Jumbo Airport History ($5.99)

Description of iTunes

Transform your fledgling airport into a world-famous international landmark filled with fun!

Build facilities such as bistros and bookstores first to make visitors comfortable.
Satisfied customers make your airport more popular and will attract even more visitors!

Forum topic: Jumbo Airport History (by Kairosoft)

One Punch Man – The Strongest (Free)

Description of iTunes

One Punch Man – The Strongest is adapted from the anime ONE PUNCH MAN, originally created by ONE and Yusuke Murata. All game production was overseen by the production committee, including SHUEISHA. Discover the One Punch Man game faithful to the original setting and relive the heroic battles!

Forum topic: One Punch Man – Strongest (by MOONTON Games)

True Fatal Fury Combat ($3.99)

Description of iTunes

REAL BOUT FATAL FURY is a fighting game released by SNK in 1995.
Using the previous system as a base, isolating the swipe button, including combo attacks, and other elements like ringtones allow for an even faster, tempo-based style of play.
Sixteen fighters compete to see who is the strongest.

Forum topic: Real Bout Fatal Fury (by SNK)

Route Redemption Mobile (Free)

Description of iTunes

Lead a gang of bikers on an epic journey across the land in a brutal combat road rage adventure!

Road Redemption is an action racing game set in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by a ruthless dictator. Mad Max fans will feel at home here.

Forum topic: Road Redemption Mobile (by Pixel Dash Studios)


Description of iTunes

PREAMBLE is a future-noir visual novel experience that tells the story of “Vice”, a former smuggler turned corporate cog in the colonial world of N-351, and the events leading up to RUNNER’s first moments. narrative with a veteran cast, unlockable CGs, and an incredible vaporwave soundtrack composed by Fat Bard.

Forum topic: RUNNER: PREAMBLE (by Truant Pixel)

Heroes Legends Shop (Free)

Description of iTunes

Shop Heroes Legends: The long-awaited sequel to Shop Heroes is about to be released worldwide! During this wonderful forging journey, you can solve new challenges, expand your business globally and become the Epic Shop Tycoon!

One day you were led to your uncle’s poorly run gear store by his best friend Jack. The store nearly went bankrupt because of your uncle’s mismanagement. Now it’s your mission to take over this empty little store and miraculously turn it into a business empire. Are you ready to become a Shop Tycoon?

Forum topic: Heroes Legends Store (by LTGAMES GLOBAL)

SpongeBob: cook (free)

Description of iTunes

Light the grill! Delight customers by serving up delicious food at Bikini Bottom’s restaurants in this culinary adventure based on the series.

When Mr. Krabs realizes there’s more money to be made in the fast food business, the thrifty restaurateur sets out to expand his empire – starting with a breakfast stand outside Spongebob’s house. Who better to help Mr. Krabs run his business than SpongeBob SquarePants himself?

Play as Spongebob to create your own Bikini Bottom kitchen, decorate and customize your restaurant and get ready to serve delicious food to your guests! In this fast food cooking game, put your time management skills to the test and discover an expanded universe of SpongeBob SquarePants.

Forum topic: SpongeBob: cook (via Viacom)

Time Raiders (Free)

Description of iTunes

Dive deep and explore the vast undergrounds of the East.
Treasures ? Monsters? Who knows what awaits you…

【Team up with allies to defeat bosses】
Gather a trustworthy team and fight all types of undead creatures and ghosts.

Forum topic: Time Raiders (by YOUZU)

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