Polestar launches mobile services program



  • Polestar launches new mobile services program for its US customers.
  • The Swedish electric vehicle brand will send a Polestar technician to the customer rather than asking the customer to have the car repaired.
  • The service includes software updates and minor repairs.

    Electric vehicle manufacturers are looking for ways to make the ownership experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. Watch Audi’s preview of its Charging Hub, a luxurious charging station with a comfortable lounge and food and drinks suitable for a 20- to 25-minute visit. Today, Polestar, the Swedish brand of electric and performance vehicles, is launching a mobile service program for its US customers whereby a Polestar technician will visit a customer to perform several procedures.

    Polestar says the procedures include software updates and minor repairs, the idea being to eliminate the need to send a car long distances for maintenance. Along with Polestar’s over the air (OTA) updates for the Polestar 2, a remote customer will theoretically rarely need to send a car for repair.

    Steve DeGrazio, Polestar North America Customer Service Manager, said that with the mobile service offering, “customers don’t have to worry about the distance between them and their nearest Polestar service point. “. He said that although Polestar Spaces, the Polestar equivalent of a dealership, is opening up quickly in most major cities, mobile service “is a convenient solution for those who do not have an authorized Polestar point of service. local”.

    The Mobile Service Program is designed to complement the technical support offered by Polestar at its authorized service locations in Austin, Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and the San Francisco Bay Area. Customers living within 150 miles of a space or service point will still benefit from complimentary vehicle pickup, delivery, and service.

    Polestar says it continues to expand its retail network in the United States, with the regular opening of new spaces and also says it plans to establish 35 spaces across the country by the end of 2022.

    Polestar recently announced two additional versions of its Polestar 2. It is available in single and dual engine variants. Polestar says the idea is to make the 2 accessible to a wider audience, by adding a lineup and lowering the base price, without, the company adds, sacrificing features like the Android Automotive operating system with Google. Assistant and Google Maps integrated into the car.

    Meanwhile, Polestar sources said Automatic week this The Polestar 3, a performance electric SUV, is on track for a 2022 launch and the magnificent Precept is in the research and development phase, so we believe it will arrive after 2023.

    Customers located in the 48 contiguous states can obtain mobile service through Polestar 24/7 customer support by phone or online at polestar.com/contact.

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