Polaris Technology Division, NorthStar Digital Solutions, Launches FR8Focus Mobile App

A new mobile app that aims to help carriers reduce heavy administrative work through system automation has hit the North American market.

NorthStar Digital Solutions (NDS), the software division spun off from Polaris Transportation Group (PTG) in 2019, recently partnered with Radaro, an enterprise technology platform that streamlines LTL and freight deliveries, to create the FR8Focus application aimed at helping carriers connect, track and manage their fleets in real time.

“FR8Focus is more than just technology. It’s about perfectly combining an assortment of technologies to solve industry-wide problems. Operations can see their entire fleet on the road at a glance, communicate with drivers instantly, and adjust ad-hoc schedules,” NDS COO Dave Brajkovich said in a statement. Press. “From a carrier’s customer perspective, we’ve eliminated a lot of frustration. When they see real-time route feeds and receive instant notifications, there’s no need to ask where their shipment is. »

PTG hired Brajkovich, with his experience in enterprise systems automation, as Chief Technology Officer in 2018 to lead its technology investments and develop new digital capabilities for which the company was recognized in 2020 as CCJInnovator of the Year.

The title of Innovator of the Year inspired PTG to create the FR8Focus application, designed to provide agility and visibility while reducing the time spent mixing paper from hours to minutes, even seconds.

And it all started with the PTG asset-based company.

“A major shortcoming in this industry – and we’ve learned this firsthand with our asset-based society – is that the link that binds the physical to the virtual was missing,” Brajkovich said. CCJ. “Even with many options available on the market, we couldn’t find a solution that would solve many of our problems, so we looked for a solid solution.”

NDS ended up buying the Radaro platform, which had the basic driver control apps built on the latest mobile platform. He said NDS enhanced the Radaro product by deploying back-end integrations to connect to all essential transactional systems.

Now the app is feature-rich with the ability to use off-the-shelf peripheral devices such as iOS and Android smart phones and tablets, as well as Windows operating devices such as ELD tablets.

FR8Focus is designed to keep front-end tools simple for the driver to couple to their daily activities with minimal fuss for administrative requirements.

“Connecting the road to the back office” relies on the ability to receive, send and collect data and information so that all internal and external supply chain partners are informed in real time, a Brajkovich said.

This is what Brajkovich says FR8Focus is designed to deliver and its return on investment:

• It offers an easy-to-use front-end for drivers who receive electronic manifests.

• Routes and timetables are sent to drivers.

• Drivers manage by updating order statuses when they arrive, order management updates rating, additional charges, detention, etc.

• Snap-to-grid document imaging (makes it easy to take snapshots of documents), proof of delivery, bill of lading, customs invoices and more, all integrated and instantly updated in the back-end.

• Asset route management, mileage tracking, delivery and pick-up times, fuel and yield management.

• Built-in system notifications including weather, capacity, security and more

• Full visibility of moving fleet dispatch with all deliveries and pick-ups on the grid.

• Full customer visibility for live tracking by order with early arrival and change notifications.

NDS worked with PTG to better understand these transport issues in order to refine the application. NDS now offers these tools to external markets.

“Our primary goal was to bring visibility and communications of our drivers and assets to the back-end to minimize the heavy administrative work that could be handled via automating systems from the route to the back-office,” Brajkovich said.

It dramatically reduces carrier overhead, eliminating all the manual work previously required to manage documentation.

PODs are scanned by drivers and instantly uploaded to back-end TMS systems to provide up-to-the-minute customer billing. Customs documents are uploaded immediately to expedite shipment release and border crossing, backed by document capture resolution that mitigates errors.

“Our solution was developed with the carrier, the customer and the driver in mind, resulting in truly intuitive systems where workflows anticipate every step,” said Joe Thull, Radaro’s head of North America in the Press release. “FR8Focus complements existing technology stacks to enable efficient integration and avoid the headache of replacing systems critical to running their business.”

Brajkovich said FR8Focus can help carriers improve their bottom line.

According to its use case, PTG saw an increase in monthly revenue of $25,000 from the app. It also resulted in a 100% decrease in missed invoices due to lost or incomplete documents, a 95% decrease in quality assurance audits, a 75% decrease in document processing, a 50% decrease in customer disputes thanks to real-time invoicing, a 40% reduction in AR payment cycle acceleration (weeks to days) and 90% direct invoicing automation.

Brajkovich said integration was also quick. The FR8Focus can be incorporated into a small fleet or a test portion of a larger fleet in days.

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