Optus announces the availability of 5G for its “Click and Connect” mobile service Optus Flex


While Optus Flex has been around for some time, the Optus prepaid offering hasn’t given its customers everything that its postpaid customers have enjoyed for some time, and with this week’s announcement the gap is closing. reduced.

As of Monday, Optus Flex now supports 5G connectivity, providing a faster browsing and downloading experience for Flex customers.

For those new to Optus Flex, this is a prepaid offer that is arguably one of the easiest to connect. Forget roaming the store to find a SIM card, if you have a compatible mobile, you can register on your device with a simple in-app experience. That’s right – you can get a new mobile number and service from the comfort of your home / office / bed / pool with just a few clicks, and now you can enjoy 5G too.

Optus is quite proud of its 5G network, claiming that it is Australia’s fastest 5G mobile network, awarded by Ookla. With VoLTE and WiFi enabled calling, Optus Flex offers many features that a prepaid mobile user wants, and in fact, most of what a postpaid user wants too.

Optus Flex plans give customers more of what they want, when they want it, and allow them to customize their plan to suit their needs, which includes the purchase of add-ons, whether it’s an unlimited data day or an international talk plan to stay close to family and friends abroad.

Customers have the choice of subscribing to a daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly plan with access to 5G plans starting at just $ 2 per day. Best of all, if a customer doesn’t maximize their data, they won’t lose it, as up to 200GB of data will automatically roll over to an active plan.

More information about the offer and how to take advantage of a 7-day free trial to see if the Optus 5G network is right for you, can be found available on the Optus website.

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