Nwicode Inc will change its name in 2022 and abandon its former Mobile App Builder service name in favor of Moxly


The no-code mobile app builder. Moxly helps you meet mobile demand in your business, while empowering existing teams to build with No Code

Moxly means confidence and style. Our circle is a symbol of our focus on people’s needs and creating opportunity and comfort for them.

— CEO, Darkhan Shadykul

NEW CITY, NY, USA, September 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The company has been preparing for this step for a long time, and recent events have made this decision even more relevant.

“We are taking a new step and moving on: for the happiness of our customers, we decide to leave the Nwicode brand for history and continue to develop mobile technologies and services in the global market as part of the new dynamic Moxly brand,” CEO Darkhan Shadykul said.

If before the company’s developers built the core around mobile technologies, now they are developing in an ecosystem with various technologies. The innovation here is the creation of currently popular ecosystems between multiple products and services. This allows B2B customers to solve many other problems. And it’s new. It is important for developers to divide the service into segments focused on a particular business scale. It becomes more convenient for customers.

Philosophy of change

“The more an organization grows, the more important it is that your tool stack is scalable. The mission of the company remains unchanged: to give people confidence and reliability, to improve their lives, to help achieve their aspirations and dreams.
We prioritize the success of our users, both collectively and individually. Do your best to make sure they’re okay. Be responsive and sensitive to their needs and concerns. Remember that Moxly primarily exists to positively impact the people who use our software and make decisions accordingly,” said CEO Darkhan Shadykul.

Growth in productivity and ownership is yet to come, and Moxly is taking the product creation approach by dramatically lowering the barrier to entry for entrepreneurship. It’s much cheaper and easier to test your business idea, and many are starting to take advantage of it.

This explosion of entrepreneurship has yet to occur in large organizations in the form of ownership and initiative (intrapreneurship). To date, they are limited by data privacy and the lack of legacy stack integration that the organization maintains. offer them open-source with a no codes the interface is the key to unlocking their potential.

Moxly Open-Source + No-Code is the future of enterprise and government software. Your own code is a new opportunity. Moxly open source is in full swing. The argument above is just one of the many reasons the team chose to build in this space. Others are composability, collective effort, or the ratio of value creation and acquisition.

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