NSW Government’s ChildStory Computer System Goes Mobile – Software


The NSW Department of Communities and Justice has launched a mobile app that allows child protection social workers to access and enter information into their ChildStory system on the fly.

The app – essentially a modified version of the desktop version – launched on Wednesday after more than six months of design, development and testing.

This comes as face-to-face visits by social workers to at-risk children continue to increase, with a 62% increase reported by the department over the past decade.

The app is designed to allow social workers to spend more time in the field by giving them access to customer information in the Salesforce-based ChildStory system.

Case workers will also be able to use the app to update records and download files without returning to their desks, as well as instantly sharing digital safety plans with families.

Families, Communities and Disability Services Minister Gareth Ward said the app would ensure social workers have essential information technology anywhere, anytime.

“This first Australian app will provide social workers with real-time access to vital information, enabling faster responses and better outcomes for vulnerable children,” he said.

“ChildStory Mobile will save time, reduce paperwork and improve the services and support provided to vulnerable children and families across New South Wales. “

ChildStory replaced the state’s old child protection system, the Key Directory and Information System (KiDS), in December 2017.

It first encountered complaints from social workers due to system stability issues and complex data migration, which also delayed its launch by several months.

According to a question based on last year’s budget forecast, the ministry has continued to make “incremental improvements” to the system since it went live.

The total cost of ChildStory, including design, testing, implementation and training, stands at $ 131 million, although the ministry has continued to receive money to make the system work.

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