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As the premier mobile app development company in Melbourne, Nextbrain focuses on popular mobile app trends that have set global benchmarks in app development.

Our sole focus is to curate and exploit modern mobile app trends to create potential mobile apps. Our developers have defined effective application development practices to build scalable platforms. »

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MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, September 23, 2022 / — Nextbrain Technologies focuses on the main trends of mobile applications that have been booming in recent times. As a leader mobile app development company In Melbourne, our expertise spans the genre of mobile app development solutions by running advanced technologies and tools. Over the years, several technological innovations have been seen in the mobile app development industry. With the rise of the global application market, market researchers are of the view that the mobile application development scenario is going to peak recently. With mobile app revenue expected to grow from $315 billion in 2020 to $614 billion by the end of 2025, online business owners are rapidly adopting mobile app development services for growth. their business.

The development of mobile applications is mainly based on different technological aspects and must be updated from time to time. Experienced mobile app developers are seeing industry growth to spruce up the software’s ability to meet user expectations. Advancements in mobile application technology play a significant role in meeting consumer demands. As the digital world is booming with apps, mobile app trends are getting more and more popular over time.

Among the compelling trends in mobile app development, IoT and cloud technology are the most important trends that users are connected with. Smart objects and IoT-based and mobile-connected cloud technologies are in high demand as they provide many security options for businesses. Both modern technologies offer top-notch encryption and security, good connections, improved efficiency, and minimal operating costs.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning provide the best mobile app user experience. As a leader in mobile app development in Melbourne, Nextbrain comprises of experienced and skilled developers who have sound knowledge of AI algorithms and machine learning practices to deliver top-notch user experience. Artificial intelligence is essential for voice recognition, navigation and natural language processing. AI algorithms help improve security by analyzing user behavior and detecting all types of fraud and malicious activity.

During the pandemic, when people were stuck at home, shopping online was the only option. Mobile commerce is the exclusive way online retailers are building to help users get a better shopping experience. Mobile e-commerce has driven increased user engagement, conversation rates, and revenue growth through comprehensive mobile application solutions. By the end of 2022, Mobile Commerce Trends is expected to cross the $22 billion mark.

Nextbrain is focused on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as the future of technology that will completely drive entertainment, gaming, travel, live streaming and mobile app transformation. It offers a user experience in a more personalized way. Many AR and VR techniques have allowed consumers to view things realistically and gain satisfaction from exploring things online. Progressive Web Apps have a major role to play as instant application solutions. It helps reduce dependence on internet connections, speed up page loading, acquire automatic updates, and promote a faster development process.

Mobile application platforms developed with blockchain are very stable and reliable and provide secure platforms for businesses. Our developers adopt efficient tools and technologies to create blockchain apps. Blockchain is becoming popular due to its transparent peer-to-peer transactions and the significant reduction in the need for any intermediary or intermediary.

About Nextbrain

Nextbrain is the leading mobile application development company in Melbourne, Australia, which started its journey in 2016. Having gained mastery in mobile application development practices, the company has provided excellence in different areas of the ‘industry. It has seasoned developers with many years of experience building professional mobile apps with seamless feature integration. Present in different countries, the company has become a global expert in the mobile application development industry.

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