Newport store converts horse-drawn van into mobile store


A FARM store just outside Newport hits the road – turning a horse-drawn van into a mobile store.

Castle Farm Shop in Bishton provides fruit, vegetables and fresh produce to locals – but now they’re taking it a step further.

The company converted a 24-year-old van into a mobile version of the store, which means it will be able to sell its products anywhere.

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Jen Bradford, one of the managers, said: “The team plans to hit the road straight next week.

“We want people to get to know us and our farm store and we understand that not everyone can visit us, so we figured we could bring them the farm store instead. We want people to see the difference by shopping more locally and supporting small businesses.

“We are very excited about our next venture and have other projects in the works that we look forward to sharing. ”


You will be able to find them at local markets and fairs this summer and plan to settle in places they will return each week. They are also open to suggestions of places they could visit – contact them via their social networks.

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