New Alaska Department of Fish and Game Mobile App

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – Earlier this year, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game published a mobile app which allows Alaskans to legally carry fishing and hunting licenses on your phone.

The app not only allows residents to carry any fishing and fishing license, but also provides a map with electronic regulations, allowing the user to click or search for specific waterways throughout the state. of Alaska and read the latest regulations at all times. given time. The department’s statewide communications coordinator, Ryan Ragan, said the app has been working great so far.

“The response so far – and again, we released this mobile app earlier this year – has even exceeded our expectations,” Ragan said. “Currently we have around 50,000 downloads for the ADFG mobile app.”

50,000 downloads in less than a year is a very large number for a first version of a mobile application. The app is supported by iOS and Android and is free for all users. Residents simply log into their MyAlaska account or their Alaska Department of Fish and Game account.

Although the application is very user-friendly and simple to use, it is still a work in progress and the department welcomes feedback so that it can make it the most useful software possible. While it’s legal to carry your licenses digitally on your phone, phones can die or get wet.

“We encourage people to just consider when going out in the field if they have this mobile app and their licenses and permits on their phone, you may still want to have a hard copy backup resource nearby just in case where something happens to your phone,” Ragan said.

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