Netflix properties that would make great games for its mobile service

Last month, netflix added the first five titles to its all-new mobile gaming service. While the initial lineup did little to impress, with only two stranger things the games are worth playing, the basics are there, and Netflix could do something really special with the platform.

From TV shows based on the video games themselves to period dramas, Netflix has no shortage of popular licenses. And many of these popular properties are said to offer great mobile gaming experiences.


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black mirror

The dark and hard-hitting satire, black mirror started life as a Channel 4 anthology show in the UK. Written by the witty and talented Charlie Brooker, black mirror was strongly inspired by The twilight zone and focuses on the effect of technology on modern society. After its second run, the series moved to Netflix, where subsequent series received critical acclaim.

While its dark subject matter might not be the most “fun” game, excellent writing and sharp humor could make a black mirror The point and click game really works on the mobile platform. As usual black mirror mode, the game could be a self-referential look at the mobile game market, providing satire on in-game transactions and shady market practices. And with the Netflix special Bandersnatch adopting a “choose your own adventure” structure for its meta look at game design and burnout, it seems like the groundwork is already there for a new black mirror Game.

the witcher

Jaskier's Geralt and Henry Cavill in The Witcher

While the witcher has an excellent third-person open-world action game series, the Netflix version of the characters and story differ in a few minor ways, with the series being closer to the novels than the games. Another open-world third-person action game seems a little too ambitious for Netflix’s mobile platform, and would only be compared to its console and PC counterparts, so putting the game in a different genre may be a bit too much. get a little better out of it.

A Witcher the mobile game could use elements of strategy, such as turn-based combat, much like the Final Fantasy Tactics series. For the overworld, the game could be inspired by stranger things mobile games that are currently available on the Netflix mobile service, and use a top-down or isometric view to help keep the scale of the game small. The rich world of the witcher shouldn’t be limited to a few open-world games, great as they are.



A steamy period meta-drama may not be gamers’ first thoughts on which Netflix properties could make it into video games, but BridgertonThe emphasis on traditional role-playing politics could create an interesting and humorous text-based game that focuses on making decisions. The game could be inspired by Reign series of mobile games, where players must choose to accept or reject a proposition, with possible consequences depending on the player’s decisions.



Another Netflix property based on a beloved video game franchise, Castlevania would make the perfect mobile game. While Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls and loved it symphony of the night can be played on mobile, a brand new game set in the world of the Netflix show, with its vibrant and distinct art style, could be a mobile game that breaks away enough from the classic video game series to justify its existence, but still retain the gameplay that fans love.

The future of Netflix’s mobile gaming service is still unknown, but hopefully the team behind the platform will look to its popular original TV shows for inspiration. There are a range of properties that could create some truly unique and memorable gaming experiences, even if they couldn’t reach the same heights as some home console video games.

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