Mobile store for the sale of potatoes in Raiganj


The move was taken at a time when retail prices of the vegetable are on the rise statewide

Kousik Sen



Posted on 09/15/20, 12:16 AM

A commercial organization here has launched a van that will travel across town and sell potatoes at a lower price.

The move came at a time when retail potato prices are on the rise statewide, Raiganj being no exception.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, while the incomes of several others have declined. In such a situation, the price of a staple food like potato has increased to Rs 35 and even Rs 40 per kilo in some places. To ensure that people can buy potatoes at lower prices, we have introduced the mobile van today, ”said Atanu Bandhu Lahiri, secretary of the Raiganj Traders Association.

According to him, the potatoes would be sold from the van at Rs 25 per kilo.

“Initially, a person can buy a maximum of 2 kg of potatoes at a time in the van. In due course, we plan to

increase the number of these vans so that the whole city and suburbs can be covered, ”said Lahiri

The association, according to sources, buys the potato from wholesalers and sells it at a price with a basic margin that can cover the cost. The association is made up of traders who do not sell vegetables.

In North Bengal, potato prices have increased northward over the past two to three weeks. The increase prompted North Dinajpur district administration officials to visit important markets to check whether wholesalers or retailers are hoarding potatoes to create artificial demand.

“We are closely monitoring the situation. Besides potatoes, onion prices are also on the rise. Our agents regularly collect information on the markets and in the event of a sharp increase in prices, we will act immediately to prevent illegal hoarding of potatoes, ”said an official from the district administration.

A Raiganj wholesaler attributed the price increase to a lower supply. “Prices will drop in a few months, as the potato harvest will start from November,” he said.

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