Mobile sports talent measurement service in Izmir

Mobile sports talent measurement service in Izmir

The Sports Talent Measurement Unit, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality leads the future of children aged 8-10, has now started serving in the districts as a mobile. First of all, coaches who walk around Kemalpaşa from neighborhood to neighborhood measure the sports skills of children for free and guide them to the right branch. Having discovered the small talents of Izmir, the unit will have covered the 30 districts by the end of the year.

The “Sports Talent Measurement and Guidance Program”, launched in line with Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer’s goal of transforming Izmir into a sports city, aimed to reach talents in 30 districts of Izmir. As part of the work carried out by the Department of Youth and Sports of the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir, the talent measurement unit, which serves in the only center of the ice sports hall of the recreation area of Bornova Aşık Veysel, aims to spread sport throughout Izmir and to discover young talents and integrate sport into their lives. made mobile.

First stop Kemalpasa

In the app, which was first launched in Kemalpaşa, sports coaches from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality visited Kemalpaşa neighborhoods one by one with their equipment and completed their free talent measurements. After scanning the neighborhoods, the teams measured the children of the district center on the tennis courts of the sports hall of the municipality of Kemalpaşa. While the little ones had fun doing sports in the measures that interested the inhabitants of Kemalpaşa, the parents had the opportunity to discover the branches most suited to the skills of their children. The talent measurement unit aims to visit all 30 districts by the end of the year, especially the surrounding districts after Kemalpaşa.

“We are like nails and flesh with the Metropolitan”

Mayor of Kemalpaşa, Rıdvan Karakayalı, who said he supports studies for the discovery and training of athletes in his district, said: “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has chosen Kemalpasa as a pilot region among 30 districts. First we worked in the cities and now we are in the center. We have a large number of students. In which branch our students are talented, we will meet our parents and start training them. Since I became a physical education teacher, I give more importance to these studies. We have raised some very good youngsters. Our support will always continue. For me, as long as there is no sport, art, education and culture, there will be no country, no state, no people. It is very important to save our children from bad habits and direct them to such good things. We welcome more students. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is always with us. We could not have done this capacity measurement. We are like a finger and a nail with the Metropolitan. Thank you very much to our president Tunç. We were also happy that the measurements started from Kemalpaşa. »

“The most important project to spread sports culture”

Hakan Orhunbilge, Head of Youth and Sports Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who briefed on the bid, said: “First of all, we are carrying out many projects to spread sports culture in Izmir and popularize the sport from childhood, but that’s the most important thing. Our president, Tunç, follows this project closely. We have measured around 5,000 of our children so far. In Kemalpaşa, we have reached 500 children. We gave you the opportunity. The feedback is very good. When we did this in our only center in Bornova, it was not possible for us to reach everyone at this rate. By increasing the number of measures in a very short time, we aim to direct children to the branch in which they are good and to popularize the sport in this branch. Because children cannot succeed in branches where their abilities are limited and they break away from sports. We don’t want that either. We also meet our parents. We believe that the general love of sports among these children and the involvement of parents in this endeavor will increase the sports culture in Izmir.

“Very important for the discovery of talents between 8 and 10 years old”

Dilara Özdemir, sports trainer from the Youth and Sports Department of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who spoke about the importance of the 8-10 age group in discovering the talents of children, said: “ After the quarters of Kemalpaşa, we finally measure our children in the center. We are implementing an extremely fun, enjoyable and beneficial activity for children. The aim of our project is to prepare our children from the unexplored regions of Izmir for their sporting life by discovering them at the age of 8, 9 and 10, what we call early childhood. Our goal is to guide our talented children towards courses adapted to their orientations. From the age of 8, our children have brought their psychomotor skills to a certain point. In this regard, the 8-10 age group is the right age group to direct them towards sport. Our expectation is that we want our parents and citizens to bring their children to these measures and participate in this free application.

“I want my child to be both moral and healthy”

Dilek Arıcan, one of Kemalpasa’s parents, who expressed his satisfaction that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is visiting district by district and guiding the future of young people, said: “We are very happy that such a thing is happening. is already produced. We also had in mind to discover the talent of our child, but we did not know how to act or what to do. It was very helpful to us. I thought my child had an aptitude for sports. I want it to progress. I also played volleyball for a long time, but only to a certain extent. But I want my child to progress. We want our child to arrive in a good position both morally and healthily,” he said.

Veli Yakup Çakır said, “It’s a good app. It aims to select children who are inclined to play sports. My son is there, we are also fighting for him. No matter how talented the child is, we will follow in their footsteps.

Talent data shared with families

As part of the program, trainers affiliated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports put the young athletes through a series of tests. In the free 1.5-hour tests conducted in cooperation with Ege University, children’s fat is first measured and then balance and flexibility are checked. Data on children’s abilities, which are tested such as long jump, hand-eye coordination, arm strength, sit-ups, 5-meter agility, 20-meter speed, vertical jump, are calculated in percentages and presented to parents as a report. Thus, families have the opportunity to assess their children’s abilities and tendencies instead of the trial and error method.

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