Mobile shop looted in Chheharta: the Tribune India


Tribune press service

Amritsar, March 31

Three people on bicycles loot a mobile showroom owner at gunpoint and scavenge with expensive cell phones last night. The thieves hit Har Electronics on Subash Road Chheharta at around 9 p.m. The thieves had their faces covered and committed the crime within a minute.

Deepak, son of the store owner, said he was closing the store and his father Har Kishan was holding a bag containing 20 expensive cellphones.

During this time, three disbelievers came by motorbike. Two of them got off the bike and one person put a gun to Har Kishan’s stomach. Another started to tear the bag away from him. When Har Kishan denied giving the bag, the thief instructed the gun to shoot. Deepak screamed and asked his father to leave the bag.

The thieves fled with a cell phone bag. Deepak claimed they were running towards the Azad Nagar road. Informed, a team from the Chheharta police station went to the scene. Ravinder Singh, Additional SHO, Chheharta Police Station, said the CCTV cameras installed in the store are outdated. Police teams scrutinize the images of CCTV cameras installed in neighboring establishments. Police registered a case and opened an investigation.

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