Mobile shop, fall of emptied jute bags in the city of Ambala: La Tribune Inde



Tribune press service

Ambala, November 5

Fires were reported in several places in Ambala town and Ambala township on the night of Diwali.

A mobile store, a quantity of jute bags and a hardware store were emptied. Fortunately, no injuries or casualties were reported in the incidents.

According to reports, at midnight, a fire broke out in a jute bag dump in the village of Dhurkhara on the Hisar road in the town of Ambala. Five fire trains were put into service and it took almost 15 hours to completely extinguish the flames. Burlap bags worth lakhs of rupees were destroyed in the fire.

Shyam Giri, owner of the godown, said: “I received information around 12:30 am that a fire had broken out. Besides the jute bags, the building was also badly damaged by the fire.

Another fire was reported at a hardware store in the town of Ambala. Three fire tenders were put into service. The exact loss has not yet been established.

In contrast, in Ambala cantonment, a fire broke out at Dua Communication in Kabari Bazaar. A hotel also on the first floor of the store also caught fire.

Owner Jatin Dua said he ran a mobile and accessories store there. The whole store was emptied. The exact loss has not yet been established. After obtaining information, the Minister of Interior and Health of Haryana, Anil Vij, also visited the mobile store and asked the deputy commissioner to investigate the reason for the incident. He assured all possible assistance to the owner after the investigation.

Haryana Democratic Front (HDF) secretary general Chitra Sarwara also arrived. A fire was also reported at Kashyap Dharmashala in Shahabad where a DJ store was destroyed. The reason for the fire was unknown.


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