Mobile service vehicle for Dear Friends launched in Izmir

Mobile service vehicle for Dear Friends launched in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has activated the mobile service vehicle for dear friends in rural districts. Teams neuter, care for and vaccinate stray animals in the operating room of the mobile service vehicle.

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has taken its mobile animal vehicle service from the streets to the countryside. In cooperation with volunteers, a veterinarian, a technician and two animal caretakers in the service vehicle sterilized 6 dogs and 14 cats, administered parasites to 20 stray animals and vaccinated them against rabies this week in cooperation with volunteers at Karaburun.

Umut Polat, Director of Veterinary Affairs Branch of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said: “Our goal was to provide on-site service with our mobile service vehicle to prevent uncontrolled breeding of stray animals, by especially in rural areas, far from the city center. With the collaboration of our volunteers, our veterinarians provide the necessary care to our sick friends.

The well-being of our dear friends increases

Emphasizing that they have established sterilization centers in 2019 districts namely Ödemiş, Torbalı, Kemalpaşa, Seferihisar, Urla and Dikili since 6 years to provide efficient service to stray animals in surrounding districts, Polat said : “For the first time in Turkey, veterinarians from Izmir have been created in order to increase the sterilization rate. We have started important work in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce. We quickly transport stray dogs to hospitals and polyclinics and ensure that approximately 500 dogs are sterilized per month. In addition to all these works, our mobile service vehicle will also reach rural areas and points far from the city center. In this way, we will protect both the environment and public health, and increase the well-being of our dear friends.

The number of stray animals sterilized has tripled in the past three years.

As part of the “Ownerless Stray Dog Rehabilitation Service Project” launched in cooperation with the Izmir Chamber of Veterinarians, for the first time in Turkey, stray animals are sterilized, as well as vaccination against rabies, l application of antiparasitic drugs and marking.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has tripled the number of sterilized stray animals in the past three years to prevent the uncontrolled breeding of stray animals and to protect animal welfare and public health.

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