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Australian retailers have missed an opportunity to generate significant profits from the service that retailers such as Best Buy in the United States have been offering for several years, according to Andrew Hage, who is now rolling out a new business model of repair, support and repair. mobile protection in Australia. .

This week Brightstar, a former cellular phone distributor like Telstra, announced a complete overhaul of the company. Now called Likewize, the company is poised to deliver a new level of mobile phone service to retailers, B2B businesses and direct consumers.

According to Hage, who already has five vehicles on the road in Melbourne, his biggest problem right now is buying new trucks to ease the demand for service from auto companies, who are struggling to get processor components for new vehicles. .

Hage believes that the “we come to you” service model has great potential in Australia, especially as many mobile repairs are done in convenience stores or at shopping center service counters.

“Today, people aren’t happy to leave their devices to be repaired for an hour with someone they don’t know or trust. How do they know that applications are not added or that data is not copied ”?

“Consumers need to be able to trust a company that repairs their device.”

“What we are seeing is an evolution in the industry which is why Brightstar has become a trustworthy service company.”

“We are not a franchising company, what we will deliver is an operation managed by our employees. We deliver fully equipped and purpose built vehicles for repairs ”.

“We see this complementing our services. We will also provide a comprehensive consumer protection plan ”.

Hage believes that the service can be OEM branded, with retailers being able to offer and sell the service to their customers.

He admits that in the future, the company may turn to repairing laptops and other PC-related products. At this point, the plan is to focus on mobiles.

“We are looking for OEM accreditation”.

Having worked in the United States for several years, Hage has seen firsthand what Best Buy does and in particular the profits that the large American retailer CE makes by providing customers with a service model for the products they purchase from. from the large retailer.

Recently, the company acquired LucidCX and WeFix, adding technical support and mobile repairs to Likewize’s arsenal of capabilities, Hage says.

“Due to the fundamental change in the business, we knew there was a need to rebrand to accurately reflect this profound change,” continues Millar.

“Likewize offers a much stronger sense of who we are and what we want to accomplish. I felt like we were the best kept secret in the business, and now that is all about to change.

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