Mobile Industry Awards 2021: Aerial Direct wins the best mobile service and solution award

Aerial Direct was declared winner of the Best Mobile Service & Solution category at Mobile Industry Award 2021, fending off competition from 10 other finalists to win the coveted crown.

This category combined Unified Communications Resellers, Mobile Resellers and Managed Services to recognize leaders in these areas and reward the company that can provide the best services and solutions to businesses that meet their specific needs.

Our 2021 finalists were:

  • Direct Air
  • Compare and recycle
  • ICE Telecommunications
  • Likewise
  • Mobility
  • Onecom OneCloud
  • my.plan
  • Salt communications
  • Samsung one
  • Uplands Mobiles Ltd.
  • Wireless logic

Our participants were invited to submit nominations based on the following criteria:

  • Present exceptional customer service
  • Showcase business and technical innovation – show us your portfolio of services and solutions
  • Demonstrate financial stability and growth – include your most recent financial results
  • Show how you’ve managed the adoption of diversification and adaptability
  • Show how you developed new business opportunities
  • Tell us about your people and your culture

Why Aerial Direct won

Aerial Direct impressed our judges with its client-centric culture which enabled it to understand the specific requirements of each company with which it deals. Strong financial performance and an impressive range of services made it a worthy winner in a very solid field.

Congratulations to Aerial Direct and to all of our 2021 finalists!

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