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Mi Wi-Fi app version 5.0 is now available! The new version offers a smarter and more intuitive experience.
This app is your smart pocket Wi-Fi tool, helping you better monitor your Mi Wi-Fi and instantly access settings for connected devices.

Main Features:
1. Device Management: Check networked devices anytime, anywhere and view their status at a glance. You can set device-specific data and network permissions, automatically allocate bandwidth for each device, and even set a nickname.
2. Unauthorized Access Prevention: Whenever an unauthorized device tries to join the network, Mi Wi-Fi can automatically send you an alert and even prevent high-risk devices from connecting.
3. Security Center: Malicious website firewall.
4. Healthy Mode: Turns off Wi-Fi at set times to avoid staying awake too late and to encourage healthy habits.
5. Restart Schedule: Scheduled restarts allow the router to operate at full efficiency.
6. Panel indicator switch: can be turned off to eliminate light pollution.
7. Wi-Fi Access Modes Red Envelope / Friend / Visitor: Allow visitors to access devices more easily. Specific functions vary by product model.

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