Let’s Nurture launches web and mobile app platform for laundry businesses

An international technology company, Let’s Nurture is proud to announce the release of its new “Let’s Wash” app platform.

NEW YORK, USA, April 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — An international technology company, Let’s Nurture is proud to announce the release of its new “Let’s Wash” app platform. Let’s Wash is a combination app and website platform offering laundry business owners the ability to operate efficiently, book pickups and deliveries with customers over the phone, send updates to your customers, and more.

The world of small businesses is often made up of one-man armies, which means they have to operate, market, and promote themselves to customers. Let’s Wash allows businesses to launch their own website and Mobile apps with their products and services included, all for less than $300 per year. Let’s explore some of the benefits Let’s Wash brings to your laundry and dry cleaning business.

“Our goal is to focus on the digital transformation of small businesses. Small businesses are often left behind in this digital journey and sometimes their whole business goes into an existential crisis due to the early adoption of technology by large companies,” said CEO Ketan Raval.

App key features:

With Let’s Wash, we have streamlined the laundry process by incorporating many intuitive and useful features into our platform. Some of these features include:

● Easy-to-book pickup and drop-off options, plus the ability to assign drivers to pick up your laundry.
● The ability to select the number of laundry loads, type of load and specific wash options.
● Notification software fully integrated with our staff, allowing them to receive orders and allowing customers to place orders through our web-based platformapplication and e-mail.

Benefits for businesses and customers of Let’s Wash:

Like all products launched by Let’s Nurture, we believe in providing our employees with unique benefits that they can only find with us. For the Let’s Wash platform, these include:

● An integrated CRM system for better customer management and communication capability.
● The ability to filter and search to choose everything from your laundry service, the price or budget range you have and the washing location.
● The ability to order and schedule pickups, add order details, and easily schedule pickup and delivery times within the platform.
● Simple and transparent payment by credit card, debit card or cash on delivery.
● The ability to track your laundry order live and its real-time status, as well as the ability to receive push notifications related to your order.
● For our employees and drivers, you can access comprehensive order information with customer details, receive optimized routes for faster delivery to your customers, monthly invoices and reports related to your orders, as well as analyzes to give you an idea of ​​your performance.

“Let’s nurture’s main goal is to stay relevant and affordable for small and business. Our small business suites are well suited for small business categories like laundry, which likely spend less than $2,500 a year on their digital strategy. We work with these companies and ensure that their digital strategy is the right one and offer them products that can contribute to the digital growth of their businesses. added by the Vice President of Sales, Mr. Sunil.

So whether you are an established laundry business or just looking for laundry for new laundry markets to enter; The inclusion of Let’s Washes intuitive features makes it easy for anyone to run their own laundry or dry cleaning business. For any other questions, consult the Let’s Nurture customer support team at any time.

Let’s Nurture offers a demo for this solution. Anyone interested in setting up a free demo of these mobile apps feel free to get in touch at the contact details below.

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