Karnal to use mobile app to make roads safer: The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Karnal, July 6

To make the city safer for commuters, police will use the Integrated Traffic Accident Database (iRAD) system, a mobile application, to identify accident-prone areas and repair faults on roads that could lead to accidents.

The iRAD is integrated with the government’s Vahan and Sarthi software. It allows investigators to enter traffic accident details such as location with latitude and longitude, accident time, date as well as photos and videos, against which a unique ID is created . After the occurrence of the accident, the police will also have the accident vehicle inspected by the car mechanic of the relevant department.

A police official said that the identification created enables relevant authorities to access details of an accident, identify the cause and accordingly recommend changes to road infrastructure to reduce accidents. Officials investigating the crash site can also obtain details of the vehicle and the people involved by entering the registration number and driver’s license, they added.

The system aims to highlight faults in road engineering, identify black spots and reduce traffic accidents in the neighborhood.

National Computing Center District Deployment Manager Swati Gupta said the app will help identify black spots and fix them with the help of relevant agencies such as PWD (B&R), National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and others as they are also integrated with the iRED application.

She further claimed that training on the system had been provided to police officers and emergency personnel at the civilian hospital. Training of health workers, doctors and paramedical medical staff from the remaining public hospitals will soon be conducted, she added.

Integrated system

  • iRAD is integrated with Vahan and Sarthi software, and agencies such as PWD (B&R), NHAI
  • It allows officers to enter accident details against which a unique identifier is created

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