Jamshedpur fire: Sahu Mobile Shop in Baridih market emptied, investigation requested

Mail news service

Jamshedpur, April 12: A fire broke out at Sahu Mobile Shop in Baridih market at 11pm on Monday. According to eyewitnesses, the store was completely emptied. However, no damage was reported to adjacent stores. Akhil Bharatiya Tailik Sahu Mahasabha (ABTSM) District Chairman Rakesh Sahu led the organization’s office staff on Tuesday morning and met with shop owner Krishna Sahu and his son to update on the damage caused by the fire. While inspecting the site of the burnt store, the district ABTSM delegation was informed by the store owner, Krishna Sahu, that this was not the first time that only his store was set on fire. He demanded an investigation into the incident. Krishna Sahu said his shop was closed at the time of the incident due to Ramnavami’s procession. He further indicated that the main switch had been turned off before the store closed and that this was standard practice.

Rakesh Sahu, District Chairman of ABTSM, alleged that the Sahu Mobile Shop had been targeted and said, “If there had been a fire at Baridih market, it would have affected other shops as well. Fortunately, other nearby businesses were not affected by the fire. The question is why a particular store is repeatedly destroyed. This factor calls for investigation.

Rakesh Sahu said he would inform Jharkhand’s Health and Disaster Management Minister Banna Gupta about the incident and provide adequate compensation to Krishna Sahu, the owner of the gutted Sahu Mobile Shop. The district ABTSM delegation headed by President Rakesh Sahu included organization office members Pintu Sahu, Suresh Kumar, Ranjit Kumar Sao, Pappu Sahu, Dipak Gupta, Manoj Sahu, Gautam Sahu and others.

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