Hunter Introduces Tire Changer for Small Shops and Mobile Service Vans

ST. LOUIS — Hunter Engineering Co. introduced the TC33 series of tire changers designed for workshops with limited space and mobile service vans.

Shop-focused benefits of the TC33 include an ability to handle tough assemblies with a three-point floating arm that’s faster than a swing-arm design, the company said, and an ergonomic PowerOut Bead control handle. Loosener to help break up hard beads.

The cam plate adjusts to three height positions for operator comfort, allowing for a wide range of wheel widths, Hunter said. The cam action also multiplies the clamping force, without the need for flange plates on many reverse wheels.

Fully variable speed matches the optimum RPM for each tire changing scenario.

The TC33M was specifically designed for mobile service, added Hunter. The tank has been relocated to create a much smaller footprint, fitting any truck or van bed while allowing for easier loading and unloading.

The compact roll relief saves valuable floor space by eliminating the need for a side shovel, Hunter said.

All TC33 Series units offer wheel protection by attaching to the hub instead of the rim edge and feature plastic side scoop guards and a polymer mounting head.

An optional wheel lift and two optional press systems provide additional benefits for larger and more difficult tires. Both press systems can be installed simultaneously for maximum capacity.

“If you don’t have a lot of space, but still need to do a lot of tire changes, the TC33 is exactly what you’re looking for,” said Jim Hudson, Hunter product manager. “And although it’s compact, it still allows a high degree of customization to handle even the toughest tyres.”

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