Hinfo Hotel mobile app: increase customer engagement through on-site facilities and service requests

Hinfo builds on the foundations they have already built with their digital hotel compendium and introduces new services with their major update to version 3.0, launched next Tuesday.

Customer service requests allow hotel guests to send a request to management wherever they are on their own devices through the Hinfo hotel app.

Allowing invitees to send requests allows management to respond at their own pace and invitees will be notified upon approval.

This integrated solution serves many use cases including, but not limited to:

  • Request an appointment for a spa or a massage at the complex,
  • Request a schedule to reserve a table for the hotel restaurant, and
  • Request a change of pillow, a change of towels or to clean the guest’s room.

“Customer service requests introduce a whole new dynamic to our digital contactless solution. ” Says Neil Houlston, founder of Hinfo. “With contactless solutions more important than ever, you can make it easy for customers to request an hour of service and / or additional equipment. “

By integrating these service requests with each property’s client compendium details, it will increase conversions for each of the services they offer.

For example, if properties that have a tennis court, list hours of operation and policies to follow when using, a “Reserve tennis court time” button may appear next to those details to that customers can tap on it and send their preferred time. Guests will then receive acknowledgments from your management via a push notification.

These requests relate to several sections of our Hinfo service, including amenities, in-house restaurants, and scheduled notifications. These are in addition to another major new feature that will be introduced next week.

Hinfo is now more than a digital upgrade of hotel records, by being a contactless hotel technology solution. Their customer service requests create opportunities to increase conversions and engagement of your customers to help increase overall customer satisfaction.

Website: https://www.hinfo.com

About App IT Byte (developers of Hinfo)

Hinfo is a product developed by App IT Byte, an Australian computer software innovator based in Melbourne.

App IT Byte solves real industry problems, creating smart and efficient solutions that create new opportunities previously impossible.

Hinfo is a company product that explores the capabilities of smart devices, to create new experiences that their customers love to use.

App IT Byte stands for innovation, creativity and efficiency, and these values ​​are reflected in their products and services.

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