GHX Mobile app helps farmers manage their fields

GHX by golden harvest (owned by Syngenta) announced the launch of GHX mobile, an online tool and application designed to “put the future of seed sales in the hands of farmers”.

“GHX Mobile is designed to support an end-to-end approach to farming that focuses on minimizing risk and maximizing potential revenue opportunities for farmers,” says Justin Welch, Digital Agriculture Manager for Syngenta SeedsUS “Digital experience meets the daily needs of farmers, from crop-specific weather and markets to in-season replanting and pest issues.”

GHX Mobile can be used to manage all fields in an operation, regardless of the brand of seed planted in each field. It includes field scouting recommendations, yield tracking and forecasting, weather and markets.

Real-time revenue estimates

“The app gives farmers an overview of key farming activities, including when to sow or spray and which fields to monitor,” says Welch. “Monitoring in-season yields linked to current market prices will also give farmers real-time revenue estimates.”

GHX by Golden Harvest, powered by GHX Mobile also offers MaxScript, pricing per acre, ServiceSquad! and the benefits of risk insurance through the AgriClime weather protection offer.

The app gives farmers information on key farming activities, including when to plant or spray and which fields to monitor. – Photo: Golden Harvest

“MaxScript allows growers to push plant populations to the max because there is no additional cost for additional seeds,” says Brandon Leander, Manager of Sales Support Software at Syngenta Seeds North America. “Recommendations are based on analyzes based on grower data and inputs, allowing farmers to select the best products for the right population in the right field.”

GHX with ServiceSquad includes customer service, in person, over the phone and through collaborative tools on GHX Mobile. From product selection and purchasing to in-season progress and harvest analysis, GHX Mobile provides tools and information that enable seamless seed management and decision-making throughout the the season.

“The final key element of Golden Harvest’s new GHX is risk insurance,” says Leander. “Risk insurance is offered without premiums and helps offset the impact of adverse weather conditions during the growing season. The AgriClime program guarantees cash returns even in bad weather.

GHX Mobile is currently available to farmers using iOS (Apple) devices and is being piloted in Iowa and Illinois.

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