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Since, according to a recent decision by the Federal Court of Justice, the banks are already allowed to terminate loans if the debtor is unable to service outstanding liabilities to third parties for a short time at the time of the termination, more and more cases arise The question “What to do if the bank has canceled the loan?” As a top priority, the person concerned should remain calm after termination and not take any hasty or ill-considered actions. You should assess your financial situation critically and as objectively as possible. This includes getting an overview of the currently available financial resources, possible outstanding receivables, all upcoming liabilities from past and present and feasible and reasonable possibilities of short and medium-term improvement of the current financial situation (e.g. mortgage lending or early termination of existing life insurance policies, sales, help in a family environment). Read more at

What is your financial scope

What is your financial scope

After this has been done and you know what financial scope you have, you should always try to speak to the bank in question and, while disclosing your own financial situation, sound out the possible repayment or settlement modalities. Often, binding repayment installments still have to be negotiated for canceled smaller loan amounts. With larger loan amounts, it is worth trying to compare them. It can be assumed that the bank always faces the risk that the debtor will be driven into private or corporate bankruptcy in the event of a court-enforced measure such as the enforcement order or the attachment.

New bank loan

New bank loan

In these cases, banks often go empty-handed – that is, it is not possible to get back partial amounts of the loan from the debtor’s assets and income, since there are no usable assets and the income is below the garnishment limit. If the bank can be offered the one-off payment of a partial amount under the conditions to be expected, the chances of success are often not bad. One-off amounts in excess of 10% of the canceled loan amount can already prevent some banks from taking legal action. However, a corresponding amount is usually not available through a possibly new loan, because the termination of a loan is usually entered in the Credit Bureau and thus prevents a new one from being taken up.

On the other hand, there is little hope of success due to the limitation, because hardly any bank will let the three-year period (from 01/01 after the termination) pass without taking any measures . If repayment, settlement or limitation offer no way out, then to avoid judicial enforcement with all its not very pleasant circumstances, only the way out to bankruptcy remains. But this should also be seen as a viable option and not as a specter.

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Fast credit without payroll accounting Sun, 05 Apr 2020 03:16:11 +0000


Proof of income usually belongs to the documents to be submitted with a loan application. In some cases, banks do not request pay slips, especially when applying for instant loans online. A fast loan payment is often equated by customers with an instant loan that is paid out within two bank working days after the application. In contrast to instant loans, there is no generally accepted definition for quick credit.

Why payroll is waived

Why payroll is waived

A quick credit without pay slip has always been approved when a customer in the department store or at a mail order company wanted to arrange payment in installments. The mostly small amount of the ordered goods does not justify the effort to request proof of earnings. In brick-and-mortar retail, spontaneous installment purchases are made in addition to planned.

This would no longer be possible with the basic obligation to provide proof of income, since consumers usually do not have their last pay slip with them when shopping. When issuing instant loans via the Internet, the waiver of the submission of the pay slip serves to simplify the processing.

Because of the promised fast loan processing, the lender does not have the time to carefully check the submitted proof of income, so he immediately refrains from presenting it. Of course, a quick loan without pay slip is only granted up to a amount to be determined by the respective lender. Depending on the provider, the corresponding limits are between 1,500 and 10,000 dollars.

The declaration of income is required

The declaration of income is required

Even if a quick loan is given without a pay slip, the credit bank has to inquire about the applicant’s income as it is obliged to check the ability to repay. She trusts that her customer provides correct information regarding his income. Small differences in the determination of the wage amount relevant for the loan application between the calculation method of the customer and the standard calculation formula occur frequently and are harmless.

In the event of wage fluctuations, some banks make the lowest income budget statements of the past three months, while customers tend to give the average. Furthermore, in contrast to applicants, most banks do not take into account the regular income they generate. It happens that bank customers deliberately state a significantly excessive income for loans without payroll.

Such behavior is of course forbidden and will lead to a criminal complaint if it is discovered. Even with regular repayments, the bank can terminate a loan that has been obtained under false information without notice if it accidentally learns of the incorrect information, which customers sometimes make possible through their own stories or online publications. Only a few people are aware that a quick loan obtained under false information without a pay slip in the event of personal bankruptcy is an obstacle to the desired debt relief.

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Instant loan without Credit Bureau and credit check Sat, 04 Apr 2020 03:01:27 +0000

Millions of Germans run into the account every month, or you are in financial need through no fault of your own. Perhaps you or your loved ones have a wish that you would like to fulfill but the necessary change is missing?

No matter what you need money for quickly, an instant loan without Credit Bureau and credit check can quickly remedy the situation or fulfill wishes. Because the overdraft facility in the account has an interest rate of up to 15% per month! This quickly makes dreams come true or makes an already desolate financial situation even more difficult.

How can I apply for an instant loan without Credit Bureau and a credit check?

How can I apply for an instant loan without Credit Bureau and a credit check?

The easiest way to find the right loan online is on a comparison portal. As a rule, you fill out an online loan request in advance and send it to the bank directly on its own website. After a short time you will receive an answer as to whether the desired amount can be financed and on what terms. Next, print out the documents and send them to the relevant bank by post.

You legitimize yourself with Postident. You do not have to worry about a negative Credit Bureau or negative creditworthiness, with an immediate loan without Credit Bureau and creditworthiness check, the bank waives the check in your favor. However, your details in the credit agreement must still be true, otherwise the agreement may be null and void.

Only the loan interest can be a little higher, the bank bears a higher risk by doing without the usual checks and this has a little impact on the interest burden of the loan.

Financial situation relaxed or dream fulfilled!

Financial situation relaxed or dream fulfilled!

Financial difficulties are quickly remedied by the instant loan and you can finally sleep peacefully again at night. Your own dreams are fulfilled or your loved one is happy with your wish. No matter what the reason for choosing an instant loan, it contributes to the financial and mental well-being of the borrower.

Check offers carefully and pay particular attention to the additional costs of the loan, and you will continue to live a relaxed life in the future. An instant loan without Credit Bureau and credit check is a safe method of fundraising, use it and don’t be afraid. With the right provider, you won’t regret your decision.

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Credit Bureau-free loans – What are the requirements Sun, 29 Mar 2020 03:13:55 +0000

Money is one of the things in life that are often particularly scarce and most of the time there is a bottleneck. Especially when making necessary purchases, there is often no way around borrowing. The first question for the borrower is whether to take out a loan from the house bank or on the Internet.

There is often a greater relationship of trust with the house bank, which the bank still has to earn on the Internet. However, the conditions are often much better on the Internet and for this reason younger people in particular tend to take out their loans in this way. However, a normal loan is often rejected. The most common reason is a negative Credit Bureau entry. The customer can easily get one. Should he not have paid a cell phone bill, this will be noted immediately. The solution to this problem is Credit Bureau-free loans.

Requirements for Credit Bureau-free loans

Requirements for Credit Bureau-free loans

Such a loan is not granted in unlimited amounts. As a rule, the maximum amount is $ 3500 per credit institution. However, this limit does not have to be exhausted all at once. If you think you need less, you can first apply for a slightly lower amount and later increase the loan a little if necessary.

It is also important to have a secure income, which must be proven by bank statements and pay slips. In addition to the usual self-disclosure and the presentation of an ID, no further documents are required to get a Credit Bureau-free loan.

It should also be noted that the loan costs a little higher interest, since the risk for the bank is higher here. When all the documents have been submitted, the application is first examined and only then is the money paid out. This can take a few more days.

What can Credit Bureau-free loans be used for?

What can Credit Bureau-free loans be used for?

Loans where Credit Bureau requests information are usually earmarked, which means that the bank wants to know exactly what the money will be used for. This is not the case with Credit Bureau-free loans. This money is freely available to the borrower. What he ultimately does with the money, whether he sets up an apartment or goes on vacation, is up to him and he does not have to provide any information about it.

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Renegotiating consumer credit: how to do it? Sun, 22 Mar 2020 02:53:30 +0000

The consumer credit is an appropriation or non-allocated for the purchase of a good or a service. If the mortgage can be renegotiated, consumer credit has more opaque legislation regarding the revision of its repayment conditions. In this article, we will tell you all about renegotiating consumer credit.

What is a consumer credit?

What is a consumer credit?

Consumer credit is credit granted to an individual by a bank or a credit institution.

The amount of this credit is between 200 and 75,000 $, over a minimum period of three months.

If several consumer loans can be combined, however, the totality of the borrower’s monthly credit payments must not exceed 33% of his income, in order to protect him from over-indebtedness.

Consumer credit has two distinct categories:

  • The appropriations allocated for the purchase of a specific asset;
  • Unrestricted credits for free use of the borrowed amount.

The appropriation allocated is intended to finance a good or service indicated in the contract. It has the particularity of being entirely dependent on the good to be financed, and vice versa. It is nevertheless important to indicate on the sales contract that it is conditioned to obtaining credit.

Unrestricted credit allows the borrower to use the borrowed amount as desired. This is a very flexible financing solution since it requires no justification for the destination of the funds.

For several years now, consumer credit has been strictly regulated by law in order to limit any abuse.

To find out more about consumer credit, you can consult our full article dedicated to this topic .

Is it possible to renegotiate consumer credit?

Is it possible to renegotiate consumer credit?

The loan renegotiation operation concerns only the mortgage and not consumer credit.

Indeed, once the contract is signed, the legislation certifies that the borrower cannot go back. It is therefore impossible for you to renegotiate your consumer credit in order to reduce the monthly payments or the repayment period.

This is explained by the fact that for banks or lending organizations, consumer credit has too short durations and amounts. It is thus not sufficiently profitable for the latter.

This is why you must be particularly careful when choosing your credit and your creditor. An annual effective annual rate (APR) which seemed really attractive when the contract was signed can quickly seem expensive to you after its variations.

However, if you find it difficult to repay your monthly payments, remedies exist:

  • The extension of the deadline twice a year maximum;
  • Pause credit.

Depending on the banks, you may benefit from the postponement of one or more deadlines, in whole or in part.

Pausing credit consists of suspending the repayment of monthly payments over a given period.

For consumer credit, only credit redemption is possible. Its principle is to reduce the amount of the monthly payment by having them bought back by a specialized establishment, whether it be a bank or a banking intermediary.

What is credit repurchase?

What is credit repurchase?

Credit repurchase includes three types of repurchase including consumer loans. It combines all of your current monthly payments into a single credit and prevents over-indebtedness.

For this, the new establishment contacted balances all of the credits with the various creditors and replaces them with a new contract at a more attractive rate but of a longer duration.

So you can request it whether you are:

  • Tenant;
  • Owner;
  • Employee;
  • Or a civil servant.

The repurchase of credit also avoids being filed with the Banque de France as a banking ban. However, it is entirely possible that you will be refused your credit repurchase.

As consumer loans are not renegotiable, buying back credit therefore appears to be the most effective solution.

To apply for a loan buy-back, you need to prepare a file as for a mortgage loan application.

You will then need to provide the following documents:

  • Your civil status ;
  • Your income and your charges;
  • Your debt ratio (which must not be more than 33%);
  • Your real estate (and the act of purchase if you own it).

You will then have to have your financial guarantees checked in the event of non-compliance with the monthly repurchase of the credit.

It can then be:

  • A third person who acts as a surety;
  • Supporting documents concerning your financial situation;
  • A mortgage on your real estate assets;
  • Proof that your personal situation is healthy.

After studying your creditworthiness, the lender will make you a signed return proposal. You will receive a notification of acceptance or rejection of your request in the following weeks.

It is good to know that there is no law that requires a subscriber to take out borrower insurance. However, the latter is particularly recommended to protect you in case of disability or death for example.

We invite you to carry out a credit redemption simulation directly via our free and fast simulator.

How to renegotiate a credit union?

To obtain a buyout of consumer credit at the best rate, you need to carefully study the terms and conditions of your contract.

Indeed, the law limits the possibilities of renegotiating an existing consumer credit.

Law L-312-14-1 of the Consumer Code is formal: “in the event of a loan renegotiation, the modifications are made in the sole form of an addendum”.

On the latter will be found:

  • The amortization schedule;
  • The conditions for rate variation;
  • The remaining capital due in the event of early repayment.

The customer has a period of ten days to accept or refuse the proposal upon receipt of all the information concerning the renegotiation.

How to reduce monthly consumer credit?

How to reduce monthly consumer credit?

If you only have one consumer credit outstanding, it will be difficult for you to obtain a reduction in monthly payments with your creditor.

On the other hand, if you accumulate different credits within one or more lending institutions, it may be interesting for you to make a credit buy-back transaction at a competing institution.

Unlike credit renegotiation, grouping loans involves changing banks or credit organizations.

To do so, you will need:

  • Submit a credit buy-back request at the establishment of your choice;
  • The new creditor will then study your file;
  • Your file is accepted.

Once your file has been accepted, the new creditor will settle the credit (s) concerned and then contract a new credit contract with new terms.

With a full credit buyout offer, you can expect a huge drop in your monthly charge.

There are, however, two things to consider:

  • The fall in monthly payments automatically leads to an extension of the credit repayment period;
  • Any credit buyback operation involves an increase in the total cost of one or more credits subject to the combination.


To find out the best rates for your consumer credit or do the calculation, you can use this fast and free simulator or contact our team of Across Lender experts directly for personalized support.

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Online credit: request, conditions, amounts Tue, 10 Mar 2020 03:53:16 +0000

In the digital age, many organizations offer online credit. This financing solution was designed for individuals, to help them finance their needs as quickly as possible. In this article, we will tell you all about online credit, from how to apply for it to how to get it.

What is online credit?

What is online credit?

For several years, the development of the Internet has enabled various financial organizations to offer their credit offers directly online. Online credit is a loan made entirely on the Internet, without the need to travel to a physical agency.

Like all credit, online credit allows you to borrow money to finance your needs or to deal with unforeseen events, such as:

  • A honeymoon;
  • A vehicle purchase;
  • Works ;
  • Other personal needs like cash needs.

The latter is open to anyone over the age of eighteen whose tax domicile is in France.

The amount of online credit is calculated according to your needs, your repayment capacity and the type of credit to which you wish to subscribe.

So you can borrow:

  • From $ 50 to $ 1,000 with fast credit;
  • From $ 1,000 to $ 6,000 with revolving credit;
  • From $ 6,000 to $ 75,000 with a personal loan;
  • Over 75,000 $ with a mortgage.

What are the types of online credits?

What are the types of online credits?

On the Internet, it is quite possible to take out various consumer loans.

These last are :

  • Affected consumer credit, which finances a specific need such as car credit, motorcycle credit or even work credit;
  • Unallocated consumer credit, which allows you not to explain your expenses and to use your funds as you see fit, such as personal loans;
  • Revolving credit, which allows you to get a reserve of money that you can use as you see fit;
  • The home loan, which allows you to finance a real estate purchase. If not all credit agencies offer the latter, banks and and online lending institutions remain more attractive and flexible.

How to get credit online?

How to get credit online?

The conditions for obtaining online credit are similar to those for traditional credits.

Thus, you must in particular:

  • Have regular income;
  • Not to be prohibited banking;
  • Do not exceed the debt ratio of 33% on all of your credits.

To obtain online credit, there are two possibilities:

  • Go directly to the site of a credit organization;
  • Or use a price comparator.

Choosing a credit institution’s website

Like Across Lender or Best Bank, a large number of credit organizations allow you to take out a loan request directly on the Internet.

If you choose to go directly to a credit organization site for your online credit application, you will have to complete various fields related to your profile.

This concerns in particular:

  • Your identity ;
  • Your address ;
  • Your job;
  • Your income;
  • Your expenses;
  • Etc.

You will then have to send by email the various supporting documents requested by the requested organization so that the latter sends you a reply in principle in return.

After the study of your file by the establishment in question, you will receive by mail or email a loan offer which you will have to sign and return in case of acceptance.

Finally, the borrowed funds will be deposited directly into your bank account.

The choice of online simulation

The online credit simulation allows you to have an overview of the global offers that could meet your needs.

Once the various required information has been completed, the simulator will give you:

  • The borrowing rate;
  • The number of monthly payments;
  • The duration of the credit;
  • The total amount due;
  • The Annual Global Effective Rate (APR).

Choosing this economical solution will allow you to obtain an estimate in just a few minutes instead of several weeks at a physical agency.

We recommend that you use an online simulator before taking out an online loan, in order to quickly find the offer that best suits your situation.

Which organization to choose for its online credit?

Which organization to choose for its online credit?

You can take out credit online with the various players in the credit market. In addition, it is also possible to opt for a loan between individuals.

Loan between individuals

Appeared in the United States, the Loan between Individuals (PAP) or peer-to-peer lending (P2P) consists of borrowing without going through the bank.

Both parties agree on:

  • The amount to be loaned;
  • The repayment period;
  • The interests ;
  • Etc.

They can draw up an amicable contract or go to a notary to draft or sign the document.

What are the advantages of online credit?

What are the advantages of online credit?

Online credit offers you many advantages.

With the latter, you can get an agreement in principle in just a few minutes and thus save time by saving a physical process in a bank. Online loans can also help strengthen a loan taken out later.

In addition, the information is immediately accessible. You can carry out a credit simulation directly online and thus quickly know the number of monthly payments, their amount or even the APR.

Finally, the procedure is done remotely, which means that you no longer need to travel to the lender.

The only disadvantage of online credit compared to conventional credit is the lack of human contact because you do all the homework alone. Fortunately, our team of Across Lender experts is there to support you and advise you in your choice of online credit application.

How to do a credit simulation online?

How to do a credit simulation online?

To obtain the most advantageous credit, we can only advise you to use an online comparator. It is the best solution to find a credit whose interest rate will be low enough to reduce the amount of monthly payments or limit the credit over time.

To do this, you can use this free online comparator to find out the best rates currently in effect for your online credit.

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Installment loan comparison without Credit Bureau Tue, 25 Feb 2020 04:23:05 +0000

An installment loan makes big wishes come true with small installments. The flood of offers for this financing route is overwhelming. The installment loan is not always cheap in comparison, with and without Credit Bureau. How do these differences arise and what should you pay special attention to when using a loan without Credit Bureau?

Installment loan, comparison with and without Credit Bureau

Installment loan, comparison with and without Credit Bureau

An installment loan does not have to be expensive. The price comparison on the Internet proves this statement. With a good credit rating, the prices of the providers drop. In addition to the low interest rates, public service employees can also benefit from particularly long terms. At first glance, cheap money seems to be almost on the street, so the price offers are very competitive.

However, those with poorer credit ratings will quickly find that risk premiums change the market picture. A installment loan is not always cheap in comparison, with and without Credit Bureau. In addition to interest rates, the additional costs of credit increase above all with loans without Credit Bureau. Normal financial institutions fail to provide loans without Credit Bureau as an option. There remain specialist providers from Germany, personal loans and foreign loans.

Loans without Credit Bureau – it’s worth comparing

Loans without Credit Bureau - it

The loan without Credit Bureau can come from various sources. In principle, anyone looking for a risk loan has to expect higher costs for their loan. The surcharges are justified by the increased credit risk. Nevertheless, an installment loan should not develop into a cost trap in comparison, even without Credit Bureau. Anyone wishing to take out a risk loan should therefore exercise great caution. Many black sheep are still lurking on the business with low-credit borrowers.

Credit intermediaries who are serious about their business do not require prepayment. In addition, they offer the borrower neither savings contracts, credit cards nor life insurance to improve credit opportunities. Credit business and commission business are strictly separated. The agent should of course be able to earn a commission. Nobody works for free. However, the commission should be limited to the lending business and thus the successful loan brokerage. All other practices indicate abuse.

Realistically assess your own credit opportunities

Realistically assess your own credit opportunities

There is a realistic chance for a loan without Credit Bureau. The Credit Bureau FH study puts this figure at around two percent of all applications. However, given the client of this study, the number appears extremely low. Of course, the installment loan, compared with and without Credit Bureau, is less likely to be approved without Credit Bureau. Nevertheless, a significantly higher number of approvals can be assumed. Without a general character, this can already be derived from private loans without Credit Bureau.

In all probability statements, the individual case always plays a decisive role. Realistically probable is the loan with negative Credit Bureau only in a fundamentally improved life situation. The entry has long been paid for, but cannot be deleted. In these cases, there is a good chance of getting a loan through reputable providers.

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Microcredit: operation, amounts, conditions Wed, 19 Feb 2020 04:27:54 +0000

Microcredit is a financial transaction generally intended for people excluded from the traditional banking system. It allows the applicant to improve his situation by obtaining goods or services. In this article, we will tell you all about microcredit, what its conditions are and how to get it according to your personal situation. 

What is a microcredit?

What is a microcredit?

Personal microcredit is a loan to the attention of people excluded from the traditional banking system.

The first microcredit institution, Best Bank, was founded by Muhammad Yunus in 1976.

If you can benefit from it in any situation, the borrowers concerned are often:

  • Social minimum recipients;
  • The unemployed;
  • Low-income people.

Indeed, microcredit is open to everyone because it does not require any special income conditions.

However, you need to have a personal plan to:

  • Social integration;
  • And / or professional integration.

Personal microcredit is often used for the purchase or repair of a vehicle necessary for the exercise of a professional activity. It is most often linked to a life improvement or a professional project.

What are the conditions linked to microcredit?

What are the conditions linked to microcredit?

The microcredit allows you to borrow small sums adapted to your income.

These amounts must be between $ 300 and $ 5,000.

The duration of the loan is quite long and is between 6 months and 4 years, sometimes longer.

If the duration of the loan can be long, the borrower can also choose to repay in advance. In this case, the borrower repays the sum lent quickly, which allows him to reduce the duration of the loan or monthly payments.

The cost of credit is set by the lender. It is between 1.5 and 4% and does not apply any administrative fees.

How to get a microcredit?

How to get a microcredit?

The microcredit applicant should not apply to a bank but to a social support network. The latter acts as an intermediary and aims to help the applicant to prepare their file before presenting it to an approved bank.

It could be :

  • A house for employment;
  • A district management;
  • A communal social action center (CCAS);
  • From a social association.

To find all of the existing infrastructure near you, you can contact your town hall or on the website of the France microcredit deposit box.

In case of agreement with the approved bank, the microcredit will be granted to you. In this case, the bank will inform you of the terms of your reimbursement, namely:

  • The amount of the credit;
  • The amount of monthly payments;
  • The reimbursement rate.


If you wish to renounce your microcredit application, you have a right of withdrawal fourteen days after the date of signature of your contract.

What documents to provide for your microcredit application?

What documents to provide for your microcredit application?

The list of documents to present to the social agency for the microcredit application is similar to that of a classic earmarked loan application, namely:

  • Identity documents;
  • A family book;
  • Proof of address less than three months old;
  • The last rent receipt;
  • Proof of income for the past three months;
  • The last three bank statements;
  • The latest tax notice.

In addition to these documents, depending on your situation, you will be asked to provide an employment contract or a notification of opening of employment pole or RSA rights. In addition, if you are divorced or in debt, you will also need to provide the appropriate documents.

In any case, whatever your situation, you will be asked for a project quote to finance.

The case of professional microcredit

Professional microcredit is intended for founders or buyers of businesses whose activity is carried out in France.

To obtain a professional microcredit, you must meet the following four conditions:

  • Your financing need must not exceed $ 10,000;
  • Your business must be in the process of being created or have been in existence for less than five years;
  • The person applying for the microcredit must do so only if he has not been able to obtain a bank loan;
  • A person must be able to vouch for 50% of the microcredit granted.

To apply for a professional microcredit, you must contact an authorized body:

  • Approved banking networks;
  • Online microcredits and accompanying networks;
  • Chambers of commerce and chambers of trades.

Professional microcredit is a loan remunerated by interest, often at least equal to 5%. The loan repayment generally does not exceed 36 to 48 months.

Exceptions exist, however. You will then just have to see with the lender if it is inclined to grant you a deferred repayment.

The case of CAF microcredit

The Caisse d’Allocations Sociales (CAF) can issue you many different and varied loans.

In this case, the microcredit will only be granted to households receiving benefits from this organization. CAF issues a low-interest credit because it can then withdraw reimbursements from the benefits it pays to its beneficiaries.

Your CAF can assign you, under the condition that you have at least one dependent child:

  • An emergency loan;
  • A social loan.

If the relief loan is not repayable, the social loan often takes the form of a consumer loan and has a low interest rate.

Your CAF can also give you help with improving the habitat. This loan is reserved for owners or first-time buyers.

Finally, CAF can also issue the following loans to you:

  • Equipment loans (furniture or household appliances);
  • A zero-rate loan of honor;
  • Help to improve the habitat related to a child’s disability;
  • Basic work loans;
  • Exceptional financial aid.

You should know that not all departmental CAFs have the same policy. However, they are all based on the family quotient.

Other examples of microloans

Other examples of microloans

The Red Cross is one of the social organizations from which it is possible to apply for a microcredit. It is intended for people excluded from the traditional banking system and cannot be used to settle a debt or meet a need for cash. After studying the file with a guide, the request is sent to a partner banking establishment.

Fine Bank connects entrepreneurs who need funds to make their professional project or their business creation a reality, with initiative networks such as ADIE. ADIE allows you to benefit from microcredits to help the development of professional projects, business creation or simply to finance mobility.

You can use our simulator to compare the best offers of microloans. For any need or support, contact our team of Across Lender experts directly to benefit from personal support in all your efforts.


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