EV charging provider TelioEV develops mobile app for EV users

TelioEV, an electric vehicle (EV) charging network provider, has partnered with Electric One, India’s largest EV Super Stores, to create a mobile app with various cutting-edge features,

Under the partnership, TelioEV will provide Electric One customers with features such as a charger locator, vehicle registration with dealer name, mileage-based reward points, push notifications for offer alerts, service camps, service reminders and a built-in test. driving request on app. The application is designed to meet the needs and standards of the Electric One brand.

TelioEV also has future plans to improve these features as the EV industry grows and to make EVs easier for everyone. The companies plan to provide the best electric vehicles to users and advance the technology that supports the use of EV easily.

“The partnership between Electric One and TelioEV will help us delight our valued customers with cutting-edge technology solutions that will have personalized functionality built around the entire EV ecosystem. TelioEV Joins Electric One – Where Technology Meets India’s Largest EV Stores“, Said Amit Singh, Founder and CEO of TelioEV.

“It can rightly be said that TelioEV Joins Electric One – Where Technology Meets India’s Largest EV Stores. Electric vehicles are an essential strategy to protect the environment and to generalize it, strong technical support is crucial, and TelioEV aims to provide this on the software side”, Said Lalit Singh, Chief Growth Officer of TelioEV.

“We believe that the adoption of electric vehicles is directly linked to the convenience of electric vehicles for their long-term use, and this collaboration with TelioEV will go a long way to making this possible,” Said Mr.Dheeraj Tripathi, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Electric One.

TelioEV and Electric One aim to bring solutions that help people adopt EVs with reason and ease and continue to expand into more markets to increase the rate of EV adoption across the country. Electric One and TelioEV will also organize many activities in schools and colleges for electric vehicle awareness and education. Electric One has stores across India in 72 cities

Recently, TelioEV s was awarded as “Best EV Software Developer of the Year at EV India 2022 Expo, Greater Noida”.

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