Eat Local Ohio Launches New Mobile App for Local Restaurants


The location-based app for Hillcrest Food Services Local Restaurant Awareness Initiative offers independent restaurant suggestions near you.

Traditional restaurant search methods – Google and Yelp – are not suitable for local restaurants. That’s why Eat Local Ohio, a wing of Hillcrest Food Services designed to educate local restaurants, has launched a new mobile app that helps diners in Northeast Ohio and beyond navigate the restaurant world. independent.

Launched on October 15, the app features information, high-quality photographs, and links to websites and social media accounts for approximately 650 different restaurants across Ohio. Whether you fancy an Italian pub or a gourmet pub, location services help you find the closest spot, while local food personalities and influencers share their favorite choices and dishes. You can even create a bucket list when you don’t know where to go.

It’s part of Eat Local Ohio’s mission to raise awareness of the importance of eating local and to provide free social media marketing support to small food businesses in Ohio.

“The most important thing for us is that all of this is free community love,” says Pablo Lopez, vice president of marketing. “We go out and feature these restaurants for free, and the app is also free for consumers. “

In the Eat Local Ohio app

Most restaurant apps aren’t such a level playing field, Lopez says. National brands and chains often dominate these sites using their massive marketing budgets to buy better placement.

This is why the brand is changing its model a bit. Over the past four years, Eat Local Ohio has built an influencer-style social media presence with over 45,000 followers, while providing free social media advice and education to small and old restaurants. Now, in addition to Eat Local Ohio, it is expanding its game in the app game by launching menu software called Gratitude, which will help local restaurants create menus online. And although it is currently focused on northeast Ohio, the initiative hopes to expand to all corners of Buckeye state.

“Ultimately, the goal is to get people who eat in restaurants to support 100% local,” says Lopez. “We kind of created it as a way to showcase local independent restaurants and really help them win against the chains.”

Download the Eat Local Ohio app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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