E-nuggets mobile app case; Crypto assets worth Rs 12 crore frozen by ED

Following an investigation into the mobile gaming app E-nuggets, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) froze a cryptocurrency worth Rs. 12.83 crores as per the Prevention of Money Laundering Act silver. The ED had already seized money amounting to Rs 17.32 crore.

Based on an FIR filed by Kolkata Police against Aamir Khan and others regarding mobile gaming software, the case was opened. Aamir Khan, the accused, is being held by the police. An FIR filed by Kolkata Police in response to a complaint filed by employees of the Federal Bank led to the filing of a money laundering case.

ED claims that the defendant, Aamir Khan, created the E-Nuggets mobile game app, which was created with the intention of misleading users. Users were initially rewarded with a commission and had easy access to their wallet balance.

But after collecting a seizable sum of money from the public, all of a sudden the takedown of said app was stopped. Soon after, all data, including profile information, was deleted from the servers hosting the aforementioned app.

The ED investigation revealed that the accused was using a cryptocurrency exchange to send some of the money obtained illegally through electronic nuggets to foreign countries. The WazirX [crypto exchange] opened a fake account in the name of a Sima Naskar, which was used to purchase cryptocurrency, according to the ED.

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