Cybersecurity startup launches mobile app to protect against phishing attacks

Cybersecurity start-up novoShield has launched an enterprise-grade mobile security appdesigned to protect users from mobile phishing threats.

Launching this week for iPhones through Apple’s US and Israeli app stores, novoShield’s namesake app detects malicious websites in real time and blocks users from accessing them. The software also provides users with live on-screen indicators to let them know when a website is safe to visit.

NovoShield indicates that the application runs in the background and, unlike a vpn, does not slow down the device during use. The app never stores browsing activity, shares data with third parties, or processes any data or text entered on any website visited by a user.

Looking for PurpleSec found that mobile phishing attacks have increased at a steady rate of 85% per year since 2011, with 75% of phishing sites analyzed by PurpleSec in 2021 specifically targeting mobile devices.

In a press release announcing the app’s launch, co-founder and CEO Bat El Azerad said individuals and businesses are not well equipped to effectively distinguish between legitimate and malicious incoming messages across a multitude of mediums.

“As phishing attacks become more sophisticated, mobile users are at risk with every tap they make,” she said. “NovoShield’s pioneering technology tackles the threat head-on, taking guesswork and security risk out of the equation without sacrificing privacy, mobile speed or functionality.”

Founded in January 2022 by Lior Keshet and Bat El Azerad, novoShield is headquartered in Tel Aviv. Currently, novoShield offers customers a 7-day free trial period. Then a subscription will cost users $6.99 per month per user, or $4.50 per month per user for an annual subscription.

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