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SHANGLA: Residents of Alpuri tehsil filed a complaint with the consumer court on Friday against mobile phone companies for poor mobile and internet services.

Mian Safeer Advocate, a member of the Shangla Bar Association, filed the complaint on behalf of the residents.

The people said in the complaint that they faced problems due to poor mobile signals and internet speed. They said every time they dialed, they found cell phone company networks busy, while in some areas, mobile signals went missing for days.

Residents complained that students taking classes online were also facing problems due to poor internet speed.

The complainants said local officials of mobile phone companies had been contacted repeatedly, and formal complaints were also made through the Citizen Portal with the demand for authorities to ask companies to improve their mobile signals and speed. Internet, but to no avail. .

Mian Safeer Advocate told the court that the people of Shangla have long faced these problems. He said a mobile phone company had installed 80 percent of the towers in Shangla district, but his management was reluctant to improve its service.

He said people working outside the district were very upset that they could not contact their families back home due to the poor quality of mobile signals. The lawyer said he hoped the consumer court would force mobile phone companies to improve their services in the district.

Posted in Dawn, October 9, 2021

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