Changi recommends M1 partners to provide new Changi Mobile service


SINGAPORE. TConcierge brand ravel Changi Recommends – the marketing brand of Changi Travel Services subsidiary of Changi Airport Group – has launched Changi Mobile, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) for the Singaporean market. The service is provided in partnership with the telecommunications operator M1.

Changi Mobile plans operate contract-free with monthly prices of S $ 8 (US $ 5.91) to S $ 35 (US $ 25.87) per month for data, call time and SMS plans .

The advantages of the service include data transfer, free incoming calls and texts, free caller ID, free porting of existing numbers, free delivery of the SIM card within two working days, exemption from charges. charges for a new SIM card, free SIM activation and 24/7 customer support.

Changi Mobile’s New Virtual Mobile Network Operator Hits “Singapore’s Most Flexible Mobile Plan”

Changi Mobile also offers all companies and organizations in Singapore a specific service under the name of Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS). The service offers exclusive benefits and preferential rates for employees.

The CIS (Flexi Best +) package includes 40 GB of data, 400 minutes of talk time and 400 SMS for S $ 15 (US $ 11.09) per month. Changi Mobile CIS registration can be initiated here.

Founded in 2012, Changi Recommends is the marketing brand of Changi Travel Services, a subsidiary of Changi Airport Group. Rayne Gan, Head of Ecommerce (Super App), Changi Travel Services, said: “Finding a suitable mobile plan can be difficult because there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Changi Mobile’s focus on flexibility seeks to address this problem by ensuring that consumers pay only for what they use, with no obnoxious bills.

“We are delighted to partner with a leading telecommunications company like M1 for Changi Mobile. M1’s strong network infrastructure and proven track record are essential in providing Changi Mobile with the opportunity to better serve its subscribers.

Emad Bakhshy, General Manager of M1 Business Development, said: “We are very pleased to welcome another MVNO partner on board the M1 network. We support MVNOs that bring new and unique value propositions, and look forward to leveraging Changi Recommends’ unique customer base to deliver an enhanced mobile service experience to a new market segment.

“We look forward to working closely with Changi Recommends and other MVNOs to create a vibrant mobile network and technology ecosystem. “

To celebrate the launch of its new service, Changi Mobile is offering new subscribers the chance to win several prizes, including sweepstakes valued at S $ 15,000 (US $ 11,090), one month free of service mobile and vouchers.

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