chamarajanagar: mobile software to ensure transparency in Mgnregs | Mysore News

MYSURU: The Chamarajanagar zilla panchayat is working to bring an additional layer of transparency to the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), by adopting a National Mobile Monitoring Software System (NMMS).
The system aims to curb the practice of misleading superiors as to the number of villagers employed for the works. The system requires field staff to take photos of each worker and upload them on site, using the mobile app, by setting up field officers from the respective departments, designated for the program.
The app which was introduced by the Union Government in 2021 not only monitors all rural jobs scheme projects but helps to get a clear picture of a worker’s attendance and also captures the details of the measurement of the work area site. Such a system was introduced with the aim of plugging the leaks in the system, as well as maintaining accountability and transparency, as the implementing authorities have been widely criticized for the misuse of the employment scheme.
Although the Union Government introduced this application in May 2021, but the state rural development and panchayat raj department had given instructions to all PZs to introduce this system during the ongoing campaign “Dudiyona Baa” (Come and Work), to provide jobs under the MGNREGS Scheme during this summer.
The campaign, which began on March 15, will continue until the end of June, to ensure 100 days of employment for holders of the rural work card.
Chamarajanagar PZ has also successfully implemented this campaign, focusing on providing employment to labor card holders from the weaker sections, including women and disabled people.
The ZP is also publicizing this campaign widely, having enlisted women’s self-help groups, to engage women in large numbers in this ongoing Dudiyona Baa campaign.
The Union government has also increased wages by Rs 309 from Rs 289 last year, to motivate workers to participate in the rural employment scheme during this summer.
The PZ has prioritized lake and pond rejuvenation, canal improvement, mini irrigation canal, reservoir dyke repair, afforestation around the lakes, block planting, agricultural reforestation, promotion of horticultural crops such as bananas, coconuts and other fruit crops. under the MGNREGS farmland scheme, sources said.
General Manager of Chamarajanagar ZP, Gayathri said that the salary amount for sanctioned works under the MGNREGS scheme will be released after verifying attendance and site details of all workers, through this system from this year. Instructions have been given to all field workers to upload worker attendance details using this software. The PZ has also successfully implemented the Come, Work Efficiently campaign aimed at rural development, as well as job creation for villagers this summer, she said.

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