CEO of RipenApps, a leading mobile app development company in India

Interview: Ishan Gupta: CEO of RipenApps, a leading mobile app development company in India

At Sugermint Media, our goal is to bring some of the inspiring and motivational stories from the entrepreneurial ecosystem to our community of entrepreneurs.

As part of this endeavor, we have invited another passionate entrepreneur, Ishan Gupta, for an exclusive interview with us.

Ishan Gupta is a successful entrepreneur, CEO of RipenApps. Let’s discover his inspiring journey and his advice for our growing community!

Here is the interview of Ishan Gupta, a successful entrepreneur and CEO of RipenApps, a leading mobile app development company in India.

Tell us a bit about yourself

Meet Ishan Gupta, CEO of RipenApps. Raised in a family business, I did not choose to continue our family business.

I persuaded my career as an engineer and entered the computer industry. But as everyone said, “business in blood”, I also chose to start an IT business and use my skills and my vision to meet the needs of the world with tailor-made IT solutions.

Tell us a bit about your entrepreneurial journey

Ichan Gupta: Well, I started my career ten years ago as a software developer in a recognized company and worked with a few renowned companies like Times of India and AppStudioz.

Working with big giants as a technical person, I realized that the start of mobility changed lives and the inclusion of innovative digital products made life easier for people and businesses.

A zeal to mature innovative digital solutions for various businesses facing obstacles while providing their services in a digitally driven world inspired me to run a business. So, with 4 zealous minds, we rooted RipenApps in 2017.

When we started, we didn’t know how to run a business. We had our first sales on our own. We divided the tasks to 4 and worked many sleepless nights.

From hiring talent to managing the work process, we’ve accomplished it all and are always focused on our mission to deliver tremendous value to companies looking for real solutions.

Since inception, we have doubled our team size, customer base, portfolio, and ROI year over year, and now the time has come when RipenApps holds excellence worldwide and is considered the fast growing company.

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer at RipenApps?

Ichan Gupta: As the fastest growing mobile app development company, we provide app development, design and consulting services.

Our à la carte service contains mobile and web application solutions (iOS, Android, cross-platform, Flutter, ReactNative, IoT, Wearable and other latest technologies). We serve various industries such as EdTech, Healthcare, FinTech, Entertainment, Social Media, On Demand, etc.

What makes your label brand unique?

Ichan Gupta: Since there are different market players in the same field and doing wonders with their different strategies and problem-solving skills, RipenApps is unique: its “pure quality, on-time delivery and long-term association assurance” .

But, despite being part of an industry where only 40% to 50% are completed of all those launched, at RipenApps our project success rate is 95%.

What made you choose this type of business?

Ichan Gupta: A strong belief that the inclusion of mobile technology and digitization of processes for any individual or business will help them simplify their lives and focus more on their core business made me choose to use RipenApps. And with a mission to reach the pinnacle of success in the same, we are doing wonders in just 5 years.

“Many, many more to come.”

How many employees are there in your organization?

Ichan Gupta:RipenApps builds great solutions with over 169 employees consisting of developers, designers, and business consultants.

What are the objectives of your enterprise ?

Ichan Gupta: RipenApps Technologies has been working well for many years and over time it has improved its processes several times.

Since its inception, RipenApps has been developing and deploying innovative, next-generation, future-ready digital solutions for multi-tiered businesses; the future vision is aligned with the same.

Our goal is to become a global IT leader where companies of all sizes and in all industry fields can reach out and obtain satisfactory and unbiased services to create their innovative and scalable business solutions using our cutting-edge technological expertise, our interactive designs and our uncompromising quality.

What were some of your failures and what did you learn from them?

Ichan Gupta: Every successful startup encounters obstacles because running a business is not like walking in a park. Since our beginnings, we have worked many sleepless nights to acquire our first project. Since, when we started to receive missions, we have worked in our premises.

From hiring talent to managing the work process, we faced challenges at every step. Yet our zeal to never say no has kept us awake on the path where we had only one goal: to reach the stage where we will bring enormous value to the company in search of authentic and innovative digital solutions.

Now RipenApps has successfully overcome the challenges and continuously established its excellence worldwide.

For more than 5 years that the company has been in business, it has learned to meet challenges and find the best solutions.

What was the inspiration to become an entrepreneur?

Ichan Gupta: Understanding the pain points of the users and creating a personalized digital solution for them, which led them to the right way to run their business and catering service, is the main motivation and inspiration.

Key things to consider before starting a startup?

Ichan Gupta: Well, there are several things a person should explore, understand, and experience before starting a startup.

But from my point of view, the majors are- 1. A business idea – that solves global problems in real time, 2. Knowledge or expertise – to have confidence that you will stay in the market, and 3. The demand of the market – validating your idea with market demand can help you count your close success rate.

Cost of rest; capital is something else.

One crucial thing that I consider the most important of all is the right team. If you find a dedicated team, you find a pillar of rock that will lead you to success for sure.

Your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Ichan Gupta: It’s no surprise that you need luck in entrepreneurship. In addition, the right emotions, passion and drive keep you motivated.

Your business should ignite a spark in your heart. However, to be successful, you need to apply a systematic approach to almost every aspect.

It would be wise to use this approach for business analysis, such as your idea’s niche, pros and cons among competitors. This will help you predict results and prepare for your next move.


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