C-SPAN Now is a free mobile app for fans of boring content



C-SPAN TV channels are for nerds, and no, I don’t intend that to be a derogatory statement – quite the contrary. What I’m saying is C-SPAN viewers are smart guys who’d rather watch US Congress than South Park reruns. You know what? Good for them. While I find C-SPAN incredibly boring, I have a real respect for those who care about the tedious bureaucracy that drives the United States forward.

And now C-SPAN fans have a new way to consume boring video programming that they weirdly enjoy. Called “C-SPAN Now”, it is a new mobile application for Android and iOS. You can watch US House and Senate coverage – as well as other political content – right on your smartphone. Although the app is free, you must sign in with your TV provider’s credentials to access some of the programming.

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Richard Weinstein, Vice President of Digital Media at C-SPAN, explains: “Through our digital consulting partnership with software developer Globant, we built C-SPAN Now to deliver C-SPAN’s mission – to provide viewing and high-quality, unfiltered listening. experience of our government’s procedures – to another digital platform and new audiences. Our viewers told us: we want the C-SPAN video on an app. Today, we’re excited to tell our audience: Here it is. “

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If you are a political nerd who wants to experience the C-SPAN Now app, you can download it immediately. The Android version is available here and the iPhone variant can be obtained here. Please share with us your experience in the comments below.

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