Buy smartphone, get 1kg of onions free: TN mobile shop announcement highlights price increase


Onions – large and small – are sold at prices over Rs 140 per kilo in Tamil Nadu as on Saturday.

At a time when the country is grappling with exorbitant onion prices, a small mobile store in Tamil Nadu has rolled up its sleeves to offer an interesting offer. An announcement of STR Mobiles in Thanjavur district not only aroused the interest of the spectators, but also aroused fun among the people.

STR Mobiles, a mobile sales and service center located on Thalayari Street in Pattukottai, has announced that anyone who purchases a smartphone from the store will receive a kilogram of onions as a gift.

Currently, a kilogram of large onions is sold at prices over Rs 140 in Tamil Nadu. Small onions or shallots are sold at a price starting at Rs 160 in the state.

Speaking to TNM, Saravana Kumar, owner of STR Mobiles, said the reception of this offer has been excellent. “No one in Pattukottai has ever heard of such offers. So people are curious. I have seen more footfall in the store since the ad was put in place, ”he says.

The advertising poster in front of the store

Saravana Kumar, 35, opened STR Mobiles about eight years ago in Pattukottai. On average, the store sells two cell phones per day.

“However, Thursday and Friday I sold eight phones a day. So I think people like this offer, ”says Saravana. He adds that customers who buy phones from his store can choose between small onions and large onions for the gift.

Packs of onions of one kg lined up in the shop

When asked how her family was coping with the unprecedented rise in the price of onions, Saravana Kumar, the family’s sole breadwinner, said purchasing high-priced onions enabled her to recover less money for the household. “It’s a difficult thing to do. But food is also important to us, so I’m okay with taking less money back for a while, until prices get back to normal. It’s all I can do to make sure my family is happy with decent food, ”he says.

Meanwhile, R Kamaraj, Tamil Nadu’s Minister of Food and Civilian Supplies, told a Tamil news channel that onion prices would drop in 45 days and the state government was taking measures to import onions and sell them at lower prices.

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