Brain Corp Launches Mobile App To Provide Operators And Managers With Remote Access To Autonomous Robot Fleets

Brain Corp, an artificial intelligence (AI) company creating transformative core technology into robotics, today announced the launch of BrainOS® Mobile, a mobile application connecting operators and managers directly with their BrainOS®– robotic fleets powered and providing real-time visibility into the location, condition and performance of machines.

“Our BrainOS® The mobile app represents an exciting new step in our company’s goal of making working with advanced robotics incredibly easy and delivering critical information to our customers ”, said Josh Baylin, vice president of products and marketing at Brain Corp. “We are now able to provide operators with a more transparent way to interact with their robotic teammates and managers to oversee their automated operations from almost anywhere, leading to better operational experiences and performance. “

The app will support all BrainOS powered floor care machines from all manufacturers and soon will support other apps as well. Its rich feature set includes:

Machine Info – allows managers and operators to view up-to-date information about their machine (s) such as current status or available software updates.

Machine performance – displays data and trends of managers and operators over time to inform decision making and optimize performance.

Computer notifications – sends real-time notifications directly to an operator’s mobile device to notify events such as the completion of one or more cleaning routes or when the machine needs assistance.

Learning center – provides an interactive learning center with a host of materials to ensure that operators can access training to use their BrainOS powered machines.

BrainOS® The mobile will also enable future experiences that will enable higher levels of interactions between managers, associates and their physical environments. For example, Virtual Tours is an exciting new application currently in testing that allows managers to virtually visit and interact with their facilities directly from the mobile application.

BrainOS® Mobile joins a suite of fleet management tools enabled by BrainOS® Autonomy services including Fleet Ops portal and daily / weekly email reports. These systems help present proof of work and performance metrics to increase efficiency.

The application is currently available on ios and will soon be available on Android devices.


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