Bombay: the owner of a mobile phone shop arrested for trafficking in stolen phones

A 22-year-old mobile phone shop owner from the eastern suburbs of Mumbai has been arrested for allegedly selling stolen mobile phones.

The role of Zameer Hasan Sameer Sayyed, the owner of the mobile shop, was identified during the investigation into a cellphone theft case that took place on August 25, police said.

Sayyed was arrested earlier this week at his home in Shivaji Nagar in Govandi and 27 mobile phones worth Rs 4.82,000 were seized from his store, police added.

Namrata Jhuge, the plaintiff, said she left her house to drop off her son at a school. She added that an unidentified person snatched her mobile phone and escaped on a two-wheeler as she was driving home talking on the phone.

“The incident had happened in the settlement of Tilak Nagar and through the CCTV footage around the place, we found a symbol on the headlight of the bicycle. We later found the bicycle in Shivaji Nagar,” said said an investigator, adding that the team was later informed that the bike belonged to Sayyed.

As a result, Sayyed was taken into custody and during interrogation he confessed to buying phones from a certain Farooq.

“Farooq would snatch mobile phones from pedestrians and sell them to Sayyed, who then sold these phones to migrant workers employed in different industries in Shivaji Nagar,” police sub-inspector Vijay Deshmukh said.

An investigator said Jhuge’s phone was also recovered.

“Sayyed’s bicycle was used in the crime through which the two-wheeler was also seized,” an officer said.

Police officials added that they were trying to find Farooq as they believed he was wanted in several other cases.

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