BeeperMD is a mobile service that provides free in-home COVID-19 testing.


FORT MYERS, Florida – A family of eight in southwest Florida was able to avoid the possibility of COVID crowds and have their family tested at home.

For the Wardein family, traveling anywhere with their six children could pretty much be considered a team sport.

When a few family members started showing signs of COVID-19, this team of eight struggled to navigate their way to get tested.

“Getting people to a test site, making appointments and having multiple appointments… it was quite a burden, and our positives are growing,” said Stephanie Williams Wardein.

With so many people living under one roof, wife and mother of six, Stephanie Wardein said once her family started showing signs of covid, they needed answers faster than COVID testing sites. could not provide.

“So my oldest was tested on Sunday or Monday and we got results on Wednesday and my husband falls two days later and his results on Friday… I mean we would be lucky to go back to school on Christmas at this rate” , said Guardian.

With a house full of potentially positive family members, Stephanie says the business, Beeper® provided a solution.

The answer, a free home COVID test within two days of booking.

The Florida-based company says the services of its medical staff are free for families needing two or more tests, and for individuals, there is a same-day booking fee that may be covered by insurance.

“This service was absolutely easy, for a family of eight it was in and out, it was in and out in less than an hour and all the safety precautions were there. so very accommodating, very easy, and it lets you get back to bed if you need to as soon as possible, ”Wardein said.

Online, their services are listed under COVID testing sites on Lee Health’s website but say the link is not an endorsement or recommendation.

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